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Meal Kits are a relatively new concept. Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Plated led the industry starting to deliver pre-packaged meal kits to homes in 2012.

Today, there are over 150 meal kit companies offering everything from vegan and vegetarian to weight loss kits. The kits typically include everything you need to make an entire meal.

Disney isn’t one to bring the real world into their magical bubble, but they have adopted and adapted some real world things to make their world a little more magical.

For the first time ever, Disney is selling meal kits!

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort is now offering meal kits for those staying in the villas!
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort is now offering meal kits for those staying in the villas!

For now, the meal kits are only available at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa at the Artist’s Palette Marketplace. There is only one meal offered currently, Rigatoni Fiesolana, which includes the tube-shaped pasta, thick and creamy tomato sauce, sausage, portabella mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil plus a garden salad and garlic bread sticks. The kit also includes a list of all the ingredients and instructions for making the perfect meal.

The kit, which Disney says is available for a limited time, costs $49 and is enough to feed a family of four. That may seem a little expensive since the same ingredients wouldn’t cost nearly that at a grocery store, but you have to keep in mind the convenience and the fact that you would spend much more than that if you chose to eat a similar meal at a Disney World Restaurant.

What’s more, the enjoyment of cooking as a family in a private villa is a special experience that some people might not even have the opportunity to do in their own home.

Keep in mind that one bedroom villas or larger are the only ones at Saratoga Springs equipped with a full kitchen, which is necessary to make your meal.

If the test run is successful, it’s likely that the service will expand to other Disney resort hotels, but only the villas have full kitchens. The studios are not similarly equipped. Therefore, this service will only be available to Disney Vacation Club Villas even if/when the service is expanded.

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