As part of Disney’s Limited Time Magic promotion, a new version of the Main Street USA Trolley show is running from March 3, 2013 – May 12, 2013.

The Trolley Show is a personal favorite. There is a standard edition of the Trolley Show, which plays during most times of the year, and there has been a special autumn edition of the Trolley Show in the past.

The show represents what makes Disney special. It is often an unexpected surprise – many people happen upon it when rushing into the park. And nobody will book a trip to Disney World just to see this show – except maybe the mom or dad of the performers. But the show adds to the overall experience of being in turn-of-the-century America on Main Street – much as the Frontierland Hoedown show takes you to the Wild West.

New costumes and music for the Main Street Trolley Show.

New costumes and music for the Main Street Trolley Show.

The performers are dressed in the best, bright spring colors and sing about all things spring – from April showers to May flowers.

Let’s take a look at two different stops for the Main Street Trolley Show.

The first stop for the show is on the bridge between Main Street USA and the Cinderella Castle Hub.


The last stop for the show is in front of the Walt Disney World Train Station.

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What do you think about the spring Trolley Show?