Speedway former Hess gas station

Eat-In Gas Station Coming to Disney World (Speedway at the Magic Kingdom)

The Magic Kingdom Car Care Center, just outside the entrance to Magic Kingdom, serves many purposes – not least of which is to provide gas for people driving to and from Magic Kingdom. Besides providing services for broken down cars, there’s a Speedway gas station.

Earlier this month, Speedway closed down for a major refurbishment. Soon, besides offering car care options, they will also serve up some quick-service food.

Speedway Café

When Speedway reopens in a few weeks, there will be new gas pumps and a Speedway Café where you’ll find fast, casual food like pizza, paninis, subs, breadsticks, coffee-shop-style drinks, frozen yogurt, and “healthy hotdogs.”

You will be able to order your food from self-serve touch screen kiosks. Once you’ve ordered your food, head over to the coolers and pick up a soft drink or beer and wine.  They will have a wider selection than other Speedways that haven’t been remodeled.

Speedway will soon become Speedway Cafe!
Speedway will soon become Speedway Cafe!

What’s nice is you don’t have to sit in your car to eat your food. There will be indoor and outdoor seating.

The transformation will cost upwards of $1.5 million dollars plus a new traffic pattern on the nearby roadway to accommodate the anticipated extra traffic. This may seem like a lot of money, but as vehicles are becoming more efficient and even some not relying on fuel at all (and Disney installed electric charging stations for such cars), gas stations need to focus less on gas and more on convenience.

There’s no official opening date announced for the new Speedway Café, but when it does, a quick meal in Disney World may become a lot more affordable!

New Speedway Café at the Magic Kingdom entrance:  Will you visit it?