When you are considering a cruise for your next vacation, there are many cruise lines to choose from.

Magic Cruise

Some start their search with Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, or Carnival Cruise Line. Some do so just because those are three of the most well-traveled cruise lines, others because they think it is where they can get the best deal. Another, superior, option is a magic cruise on a Disney Cruise Line ship like the Disney Magic. Some adults who do not have children ignore this option, because they think a Disney Magic cruise is just for kids.

While there is no better option for guests with children, a Disney cruise is also appropriate for adults traveling alone. Below are eight good reasons to choose a Disney Magic Cruise.

1. Destination Options

Some of Disney’s cruise ships only travel to one destination. If you want more options, then Disney Magic is the ship for you. You will be able to choose from cruises to the Caribbean and Europe. Other Disney ships also travel to other destinations, such as Alaska and the Bahamas.

2. Castaway Cay

If you are going to the Caribbean, this is one of the absolute best reasons to choose a Disney Magic cruise. Castaway Cay is a private island that is owned by Disney and is for the exclusive use of guests from its cruise ships.  If you ever wished for the chance to frolic on a private island while being catered to by a large staff, then choose a Disney Magic cruise.

While on the island, you will have access to kayaks and other water craft. Snorkeling, exploring the hiking trails, parasailing, golf, and catch and release fishing are other popular activities. You could also enjoy an outdoor massage while the kids are busy taking part in some of the fun, supervised activities designed just for them.

Yes, Castaway Cay is an excellent reason to choose a Disney Magic cruise over a Celebrity cruise, Princess cruise, or Royal Caribbean cruise.

3. It’s DISNEY

Disney has long had a well-deserved reputation for excellence in everything that they do. When they developed their cruise line, and as they make improvements to the same – that standard of excellence is in force. No detail is forgotten, and no amenity too good for the guests of the Disney Magic. Another fact about Disney: the customer experience is the most important thing to them. The staff is trained to work hard to meet every need and expectation of each guest. This superior customer service is obvious from the moment that you step on board a Disney cruise ship.

4. The Best in the Business

Other cruise lines, such Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines have their target audience. So does Disney. Disney’s target audience is cruisers of all ages who want many of the amenities of a luxury cruise without the luxury prices. Finding discount cruises on Disney cruise lines is easy, and you might be surprised just how affordable a Disney cruise can be. The bottom line is that when it comes to providing an amazing cruise experience for the entire family, Disney Cruise line is simply the best in the business.

5. Last Minute Deals

One of the best ways to get a discount on a Disney cruise is to search for last minute cruise deals. No cruise line wants their ships to pull out with empty cabins. Empty cabins mean rooms without people who spend money on food, drinks, and excursions.  Disney offers last minute cruise deals so that as many cabins as possible can be filled for each voyage. You can save 40% or even more! Last minute deals typically include cruises that are about 90 days out. That means that you can find a discount cruise and still have a few months to plan everything.

6. The Ship

One of the more obvious reasons to take a Disney Magic cruise is the fabulous ship. Because a good portion of your cruise vacation will be spent onboard the ship, it is important to choose a ship that has the best amenities, entertainment, and food. Disney’s Magic was modeled after turn-of-the-century luxury ocean liners. Ships at that time were the epitome of luxury and no expense was spared to make them feel opulent and comfortable.

The designers of the Disney Magic ordered custom painting, architectural elements, and other details to give the ship the same luxurious feel of those ocean liners of yesteryear. Even the inside cabins were designed to provide the most amount of space possible. Thoughtful details, such as split bathrooms, make it easy for families to move around and get ready for their days of fun onboard the ship.

The entertainment on board is non-stop. There is something for guests of all ages. From nightclubs for adults to specially designated sections of the ship that are for kids or teens-only, everyone will find something to do.

7. The Food

The food is an important part of any Disney cruise. If you have ever been on a cruise then you know that food is available 24 hours a day, and in such a wide variety of choices that it can be a bit overwhelming.  The food on the Disney Magic will not disappoint! You can choose from quiet dining at a table for two, fast food options, or order room service and enjoy a meal in your stateroom or, if applicable, on your private balcony while watching the ocean go by.

8. Kids?

So, now you know that a Disney Magic cruise is a great choice for anyone who is planning a cruise, even if they do not have children. But if you DO have kids, then there is no other choice besides a Disney cruise! While other cruise lines have kids programs, they are NOT Disney. They simply cannot deliver the level of entertainment, fun, and Disney magic.

There are areas set aside on the ship for different ages. There is a nursery for babies as young as three months old. Separate areas are available for kids ages 4-10, 11-13, and 14-17. That means that the activities in each area are suitable for each age group. All kids’ areas, even the teen area, are well-supervised, so parents can enjoy some adult time while the kids take part in age appropriate activities.

The Right Choice

As you can see, a Disney Magic cruise is a fabulous choice for a lot of reasons. When you choose a Disney cruise, you will have a vacation full of Disney magic.