How Do I Love Disney buses? Let Me Count The Ways.

It is not difficult for me to write about how much I love Disney food. I don’t have to think too hard to write about the amazing shows that are in the parks. And I will never say it’s a struggle to write about why the theming at Disney is beyond reproach.

But for this article, I decided to extol my love for something I don’t think I’ve ever read anyone write about except in passing. I’m here to sing the praises, to write a love letter, to Disney busses. Let’s look at why I’m so strangely enamored with them.

First, I live a long ways from Disney so I always fly in. That means I have the choice of renting a car or going without one once I’m there. Since 90% of the time my vacation plans include me never leaving Disney property, that means I’m going to be using Disney transportation for all of my traveling needs.

Take the bus and you won't need to rent a car.
Take the bus and you won’t need to rent a car.

Second, I’m one of those somewhat unique introverts that loves being surrounded by people I don’t know. People watching is a past-time of mine and I marvel in all of the variety of humans out there in the world.

Finally, my mom was a bus driver so I have huge respect for all things busses. When I was a teen, I did ride alongs with her just to hang out; and when she wasn’t working, we often traveled by grey hound bus so they kind of are my go-to travel vehicle.

So, let the love letter begin…

Magical Express

When you save up and wait so long for your dream vacation, you just need it to start as soon as possible. With Disney’s Magical Express, it can start almost the second you step onto the airport floor from your plane. You see the signs, walk directly to the bussing area and get to try out your MagicBand. From then on, every step is surrounded by Disney goodness until your final ride back to the airport after your trip.

Start up the Disney magic when you arrive at the airport.
Start up the Disney magic when you arrive at the airport.

Directionally Challenged!

Despite being a daughter of a bus driver and really enjoying driving my car, I am a consistently lost person. If I should go left, I turn right. If I should go straight, I turn right. If I should go North, I turn right. So, the fact that I can sit back, relax and let someone else get me to my destination is a bonus on any trip.

Great Conversations and Singing Choirs

Remember how I said I’m an introvert? I am, but one thing I really like are short, get-to-know you conversations that you basically know will be done at the end of the bus ride. I love getting to hear people’s stories and even eavesdrop on fun conversations (aw c’mon, you know you do it). I also love listening to large groups that shout jokes back and forth and wear matching shirts. One of my best experiences ever was riding a bus back home to the resort with a choir who sang “Hallelujah” on the ride. They were really good!

Amazing bus drivers

I can’t say enough good things about Disney’s bus drivers. I love the ones that engage the bus with trivia facts or silly puns. Then there’s those talented drivers that can fit more people on the bus than you thought logically possible (yes, I know we’re all crowded and touching each other but it’s better than waiting for another bus). The grace and kindness those drivers show their riders always amazes me.

No parking! Front Gate Drop Off and Pick Up

I tracked my walking on my last Disney trip. I did over 25,000 steps a day! So, even though I swear my resort bus is always parked at the farthest queue, it’s still closer than trekking through those enormous parking lots. If you’re really lucky, you can afford to pay a bit extra for those express buses that pick you up in the middle of the park and then bring you to middle of the next park. No long walks and no standing in multiple security lines!

The bus will drop you off close to the park entrances.
The bus will drop you off close to the park entrances.

Temperature Controlled

Ahhh, the relief of getting into a nice air conditioned bus after trudging through the heat and crowds all day. Seriously, the only relief better than plopping your behind on that bus seat, is falling into bed at night. You listen to music and just experience your temperature come back down to normal. It truly is my happy place.

Do you have a happy memory on a Disney bus? A favorite driver?