Reunited, and It Feels So Good: Understanding Lost and Found at Disney World

Thousands of people visit Disney World Theme Parks every day, and those people are bound to lose a lot of things. If you happen to lose something that is valuable to you, don’t panic. Most Disney guests are honest and will give lost items to Cast Members who are well trained in these situations. Disney World is used to this, and they will handle lost and find items quickly and efficiently.

According to the Disney Website, high value items like purses, wallets, prescription glasses, and cameras are held for up to 90 days. Less valuable items including sunglasses, hats, toys, and clothes are stored for 30 days.

Theme Parks, Disney Springs

Any items lost at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, or Disney Springs are sent to Guest Relations at the front of the park.

Any items that are not recovered by the end of the day will be categorized and sent to the central lost and found location at the Transportation and Ticket Center. If you’ve lost an item in any of these locations, call 407-824-4245 to see if your item is there.

Transportation (bus, monorail, watercraft)

Disney has several forms of transportation, and people are bound to leave things behind since they are often carrying lots of stuff and may be in a hurry to head to their destination or tired after a long day of Disney magic.

If you’ve lost something on the Monorail or on a watercraft, it will be sent to the location that the transportation is servicing. For example, if you’re staying at Port Orleans and you left something on the Ferry, the item will be sent to the Port Orleans’ concierge desk.

Items lost on the busses are sent straight to the Transportation and Ticket Center. The Magical Express, which is not a service provided directly by Disney, sends items to the Mears headquarters. If you have recently stepped off the Magical Express and realized you left something behind, contact the Magical Express Service at 866-599-0951. They might be able to locate it without contacting Mears.


Anything left behind at a Disney World Resort Hotel will be sent to the concierge desk. If you’ve transferred to another Disney Resort Hotel, Disney will happily send it to your current resort. If you have already returned home, the Cast Member will likely offer complimentary shipping to return your item.

Disney World has a lot of experience with lost and found items.
Disney World has a lot of experience with lost and found items.

ESPN Wide World Of Sports

ESPN Wide World of Sports has its own lost and found location. If you’ve lost something here, head straight to the Guest Services desk at Wide World of Sports.


It’s a pretty scary proposition that you might lose something as valuable as a family member, but don’t panic! This is a common occurrence, and Cast Members go through extensive training for situations just like this.

As soon as you realize that your child is not with you, notify the nearest Cast Member. Be prepared to offer a complete description including height, weight, clothing, and any unique identifying features like visible birthmarks.

You should also teach your child how to identify Walt Disney World Staff. All Cast Members will be wearing a badge that says “Walt Disney World,” the Cast Member’s name, where they are from, and “Where Dreams Come True.” Some Disney Staff, like characters, won’t be wearing nametags, but if your child walks up to them and tells them that they are lost, they can get them to someone who can help (even if they aren’t talking characters).

Lost children are taken directly to the Baby Care Center of the park (look for the pacifier on the park map), and you can reunite with them there.

If your child is a wanderer, put contact information including their name and phone number directly on them. There are several ways to do this. If they’re wearing a Celebration button (provided by Disney) or a backpack, write their information on the back of the button or inside the backpack. You can also consider “tattooing” them temporarily. A Sharpie marker on the wrist works well for this, but if you are afraid that this might rub off with sweat and water rides, use a clear wound care product like New Skin as a barrier over the writing. This “tattoo” should easily last all day.

What happens to unclaimed items?

Disney suggests that only 25% of lost items are recovered, so what happens with unclaimed items? (The obvious exception being children!)

Items like wheelchairs, strollers, crutches, and canes are donated to charities. Everything else goes up for sale at a never-ending employee yard sale. All proceeds from these sales go to Disney charities.

Have you ever lost something at Disney World?  Did you get it back?