Epcot For Little Kids

Six Reasons Why Little Kids Will Love Epcot

If you are like most Disney fans, you think that Epcot is the park for grownups. And there is plenty of truth to that. From exploring future sources of energy to tasting exotic food from all around the world, Epcot has plenty of fun things for adults. And, yes, plenty of those things that aren’t very interesting for kids.

But that doesn’t mean that Epcot is exclusively for adults, and it doesn’t mean that Epcot doesn’t have great fun in store for kids.

No, Epcot isn’t Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom with princesses and castles at every turn. But little kids can truly love Epcot.

Before we get into the reasons why kids will enjoy Epcot, remember that the park is huge. If you visit Epcot, you will be walking a lot. Consider getting a stroller for your kids.

Now let’s take a look at six reasons why your kids might just love Epcot.

Epcot has plenty of fun in store for little kids.
Epcot has plenty of fun in store for little kids.

1 – Kidcot

Who doesn’t love Disney crafts – especially when they are free? Yes, please note that we really did say the word “Disney” and “free” in the same sentence. All the World Showcase countries have Kidcot stations where kids can get a picture that they can color and decorate. In addition to some crafting fun, the cast members at these stations will be happy to teach your kids how to say “hello” in their native language. It’s fun – and a sneaky way to get in a bit of education too.

2 – Turtle Talk With Crush

What could be more fun than one of the most interesting Disney character personalities coming to life and actually interacting with you? That’s exactly what happens at Turtle Talk With Crush in The Seas Pavilion. Crush takes questions from the audience and responds. It’s great fun for kids, and grownups enjoy the show and marvel at the technology that makes it happen.

3 – Imagination Pavilion

The Imagination pavilion is home to the Journey into Imagination with Figment attraction – a classic Disney dark ride with characters, songs, color, and fun. Yes, it’s not as good as the original attraction that once took up residence in the pavilion, but this often overlooked attraction is fun for folks of all ages. It’s also air conditioned and rarely has a long line. All that makes it a winner for kids of all ages.

4 – Candy

Just as adults will enjoy sampling the food, wine, and beer from countries around the world, kids can enjoy sampling candies from around the world. From the sweets of Japan to the chocolates of Germany, any kid with a sweet tooth can have a culinary adventure. Many of the individual candies are relatively cheap, and they are all imported from their home countries. Plus, all the sugar will give the kids energy to get to the next pavilion.

5 – Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

You have to admit it – even the youngest of kids knows how to operate the computer or DVR better than you do. Now they can put those technology and problem solving skills to good use in an interactive game that takes place around World Showcase. The game is free to play once you are in the park (there is that “free” word again), and you can play for as little or long as you like. Since the game is based on the characters from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, the story telling is smart and fun – even for big kids.

6 – Disney Characters

You don’t often think of Epcot as a place to greet Disney characters, but if you look just a little bit you will find plenty of them. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway pavilion is home to a Disney character dining experience with Disney princesses. You can meet Duffy the Disney Bear near the entrance way to World Showcase. Countries often host characters that come from their homelands – Snow White in Germany, Belle and the Beast in France, and Mulan in China. And the Character Spot in Future World gives you a chance to meet the Fab 5 (Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald, Goofy ,and Pluto) in grand air-conditioned comfort.

So Much – And More!

Kids will enjoy all these things, and there are many more. We didn’t even talk about the The Circle of Life movie with Lion King characters in The Land pavilion, or Donald Duck and his friends in Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros in the Mexico pavilion. So go ahead, take your little kids to Epcot. And be prepared for lots of fun!

What do you think about taking little kids to Epcot?