Countdown To Super Sunday - Limited Time Magic

Limited Time Magic – Countdown To Super Sunday (With Video)

Disney’s Limited Time Magic promotion continued in the Magic Kingdom, with a tribute to Super Sunday (according to Samsung I guess we can’t actually say “Super Bowl” because that term is trademarked, but that’s another issue altogether).

Parade Introduction

Shortly before the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade took place at 3:00, a short football-themed introduction took to the streets. It started with football players carrying a banner, followed by some very enthusiastic cheerleaders revving up the crowd. Sports Goofy dressed up as a football player then came by, riding in the back of a snappy red convertible. This was followed by some more sports fans, and finally a gazebo with Chip and Dale dressed up as referees.

The entire event took about two minutes, and played February 1-4, 2013.

Video of the Countdown To Super Sunday mini-mini parade.

Plus Some Super Food

In addition to the short parade bonus, Disney was also serving up lobster bisque and tomato basil bisque at Cosmic Ray’s in Tomorrowland. A tribute to the Super Bowl with a bowl of soup. Get it?  The soup is available February 1-9, 2013.

Countdown To Super Sunday with Chip and Dale as part of Limited Time Magic.
Countdown To Super Sunday with Chip and Dale as part of Limited Time Magic.

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