Disney World Of Color

Is Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular A Rip Off Of Disney’s World of Color?

One involved in upgrade to the projection technology in the Spiderman attraction, and another dealt with a new parade. But the one that seems to have created the most buzz involves a new night time show featuring fountains and movie clips projected onto water. It seems suspiciously like Disney’s World Of Color show.

More About The Announcement

First, just a bit more about the minor announcements. Universal will be upgrading the projection technology used in The Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman. The current technology uses analog projection and is a bit old – even though the attraction itself is still considered very cutting edge. The new projection technology will be digital. The other announcement had to do with a new parade featuring universal characters.

Creating Buzz

The thing that really has people talking, however, is Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular – a new nighttime show that will take place in Universal Studios Florida lagoon, which is located in the middle of the park.

Disney's World Of Color and Universal's Cinematic Spectacular share some common elements.
Disney’s World Of Color and Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular share some common elements.

So what exactly is Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular? It is a nighttime show that includes colored fountains and movies projected onto water screens. In that sense, it seems to be amazingly like Disney’s World Of Color at Disneyland.

The Same But Different

There are some differences in the arrangement of the show.

  • Disney’s Wonderful World Of Color show includes more than 1,000 fountains, while Universal will have about 50. It seems that Disney wins the prize for the amount of water sprayed.
  • The World Of Color projects animated movie clips onto water sprays, while the Cinematic Spectacular is scheduled to project movie clips – including live action films – onto waterfalls. It will be very interesting to see how this works in practice. It could be that the projections on a solid wall of water we’ll be clearer and more vibrant than that Disney’s projections on sprayed water.

Is This Really A Rip Off?

To decide for yourself, first take a look at this clip of Disney’s World Of Color show:

Clip of Disney’s Wonderful World Of Color water fountain show.

Now, compare it to the video where Universal announced their show:

The announcement for Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular water fountain show.

Personally, it does seem amazingly similar. It’s almost a bit hard to understand why Universal decided to settle upon a concept so similar to the one that Disney has used. Perhaps Universal recognizes the success that this new show has had at Disney’s California Adventure.

Disney Wasn’t First With A Water Show

It is only fair to say that Disney did not invent the concept of a water fountain show. Bellagio’s Wonderful Water Fountain Show in Las Vegas came before Disney’s show and is impressive. It also uses much of the same technology that Disney does – although Disney did take the technology to a new level with color and image projections.

Water Shows Are Becoming Popular

The concept of a water fountain show has become popular. There are firms that specialize in their design and installation. A company called Acquatique Show International actually assisted with the Wonderful World Of Color show at Disneyland (Source), it has also done shows in France, Germany, in Dubai. They have some amazing abilities to design and create shows with water fountains, lights, projections, and even fireworks. You can check out some of their work on this video:

A company called Acquatique Show International helped Disney develop
the Wonderful World of Color show and also develops impressive
water shows worldwide.