Top 20 Disney Cruise Line Facts

A Disney Cruise is a special kind of Disney vacation. Many people love visiting the parks, but to essentially live Disney for a few days or even a couple weeks is a fun and unique experience.

There are four ships in the DCL fleet including the Fantasy and the Dream; and the Wonder and the Magic which are sister ships, respectively.

Let’s take a look at some interesting Disney Cruise Line facts!

1. Live Theaters

The Walt Disney Theatre on the Fantasy and the Dream spans two decks and can seat 1,340 guests. The same theatre on the Magic and Wonder seats 977 people. These theaters are used for live, original productions.

2. Movie Theaters

DCL is the only cruise line to show feature films on the same day that they are released in the theaters. They are shown in the Buena Vista Theatre, which has 3D capabilities. On the Magic and Wonder, this theater can seat 278 people. The Fantasy and Dream can hold 399 guests.

3. Lots of Captains

Disney Cruises have four captains: the ship’s captain (he does all the driving!), Captain Mickey, Captain Hook, and Captain Jack Sparrow. Hopefully there aren’t any power struggles on board!

4. Environmentally Conscious

Disney saves 22.3 billion gallons of water per year by collecting the condensation from the air-conditioning units and using this water to wash the decks of the ship.

5. Whistle while you work

The DCL ships have Disney details everywhere including in the ship’s whistle. As you’re sailing away from port, they all play the first seven notes of “When you Wish Upon a Star.” The Fantasy even plays several other songs including “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s life for me)”, “It’s a Small World”, “Be Our Guest”, and “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes.”

6. Longer than Main Street USA

All of the Disney cruise ships are easily longer than Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom. With Main Street USA being just 966 feet long, The Disney Wonder and Disney Magic, which are both 984 feet long, would stretch into the hub.

The cruise ships are long!
The cruise ships are long!

7. Longer than the Eiffel Tower

The Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream would knock over the castle at an astonishing 1,115 feet long! They’re both longer than the Eiffel Tower and New York City’s Chrysler Building are tall.

8. Patented Colors

Disney likes to challenge the norm and they sure did with their lifeboats. Regulation required lifeboats to be orange, but Disney wanted theirs to be yellow like Mickey’s shoes. Disney eventually won, and Yellow Pantone 99 is a patented color that is only allowed to be used by Disney.

9. Anchors Away

In order to hold down such a huge ship, the anchor must be pretty big too, and in fact it is. At 28,200 pounds, the anchors weigh more than the weight of three elephants.

10. Mickey Inspired

The color of the ships was inspired by Mickey Mouse himself. The white structure and the black hull represent his body. The big red stacks are his two buttons, and the yellow lifeboats are his shoes.  Isn’t that cool?

11. Lobby Characters

Each ship has its own character in the main lobby. On The Fantasy, Minnie welcomes guests aboard, and Admiral Donald welcomes guests on The Dream.

12. Take a bow

Each ship also has a different bow. On The Magic, Sorcerer Mickey leads the boat ahead. On the Wonder, it’s Steamboat Willie.

13. Impressive Chandelier

Disney’s Fantasy has an impressive chandelier in the main entrance hall. It’s made up of 60,000 Swarovski crystals adorned with lights around the top that resemble peacock feathers. It’s more than 10 feet around and can perform 30 unique lighting shows. It can even drop confetti for special occasions!

14. Diverse Cast Members

There are a ton of Cast Members on board (more on this next). In fact, they represent over 80 different nationalities!

15. A Good Ratio

Interestingly, there is approximately one Cast Member for every three guests. On the Disney Wonder and Magic, that’s about 950 crew members. That’s why Disney Cruise Line has such great customer service!

16. A Room with a View

If you’re sailing on the Disney cruise ships, you have a pretty good chance of getting a room with a view of the ocean. On the Fantasy and Dream, 88% of the staterooms face the ocean. On the Wonder and Magic, it’s 70%. That’s not too bad!

17. Italian Inspirations

The Magic and the Wonder originated in Italy, so the food and décor give a nod to that country. Palo Restaurant is a well-known table-service restaurant on the ships, and it’s named for the famous poles that line the Venetian canals.

18. That’s a lot of liquid

On a seven-day cruise aboard the Magic, guests consume approximately 2700 bottles of wine and champagne, 57,000 cups of coffee, and over 12,000 bottles or cans of beer. They also eat 10,000 pounds of chicken!

19. Heated Pools

Most of the time, the pools don’t need to be heated, but if the outside temperature drops below 75°, the pools heat up so it’s always comfortable for swimming.

20. Private Island

Disney owns a private island in the Bahamas called Castaway Cay. Bahamian and Caribbean cruises stop here during their cruise, and around 60 Cast Members who live and work full-time on the island welcome them.

Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise vacation?  What did you think?