If You Love Horses, You Will Love Disney’s Fort Wilderness

But Fort Wilderness feels like it is far away from the crowds and miles of concrete that make up the busiest theme park in the world.  Fort Wilderness is forested and generally quiet.  It feels like the great outdoors.  And if you like horses, you will love Fort Wilderness.

Pony Rides For Kids

If you are planning to eat at the Hoopty Doo Musical Revue dinner show which takes place in Pioneer Hall or the Trail’s End buffet restaurant, younger kids can enjoy a pony ride at the nearby Tri-Circle-D Farm.  You don’t need reservations, and the ride cost just $5.  It just might be the best deal you can find on Disney property.  Pony rides generally end at 5pm, so think about the timing.

Kids get onto the ponies from a platform, and then parents can lead the pony around the short trail while their kids ride.  Kid’s can’t be more than four feet tall or weigh more than 80 pounds to participate.

Trail Rides

The whole family can enjoy a horse ride which leaves from near the front parking lot of Fort Wilderness.  It is a relaxing forty-five minute guided ride.  Riders need to be at least nine years old, be at least four feet tall, weigh less than 250 pounds, and have closed toe shoes.  The rides take place at set times, and reservations are suggested.  The price is about $50.

Carriage And Wagon Rides

For less than $10 per person you can enjoy a wagon ride with a new group of up to thirty friends.  The wagons depart from near Pioneer Hall in the evenings.  Carriage rides also depart from near Pioneer Hall.  The carriages hold four adults and cost about $50, so the price per person is similar to the wagon rides.  So you get a more personalized experience which lasts for about 30 minutes.

Horse Barn

Horse Fort Wilderness
In the Fort Wilderness horse barn you can visit the beautiful and
hard working horses that pull trollys up and down Main Street USA.

The Tri-Circle-D horse barn is home to Percheron and Belgian horses that haul the trolleys up and down the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA. These are impressive animals, and you are free to wander through the barn that houses them. You can also see the blacksmith’s shop that takes care of the horse’s shoes.

Great Fun With Horses

With several different types of rides – ponies, trail, carriage, and wagon – plus a horse barn to explore, there are plenty of fun activities for horse lovers at Disney’s Fort Wilderness.  The experiences allow you to enjoy these beautiful animals and the peace of the great outdoors.