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Tips and Tricks for Scoring a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Pass

Rise of the Resistance is the new hot ride at Hollywood Studios. This attraction is like nothing you have ever been on before. An experience combining all of the elements that Disney does best including putting you inside the story. The entire experience takes nearly 30 minutes from boarding to exit and the story is pulled off with such supreme intricacies and attention to detail you will 100% believe you have joined the rebellion!

It's still hard to get a ride of Rise of the Resistance, but these tips will help you make it happen!
It’s still hard to get a ride of Rise of the Resistance, but these tips will help you make it happen!

The only downside to this attraction is that it is not yet available via FastPass and the boarding system is left up to a lottery. The lottery is done completely via the My Disney Experience App. Park guests vie for a boarding pass when the “Virtual Queue” opens for reservations at the precise moment the park opens officially to guests. The wonderful part about this system is that the virtual queue can mostly erase the need to wait in a long and tiresome line that many popular attractions suffer from and instead allows guests to enjoy other parts of the park (or even another park) until their time to board occurs.

Currently, this is how the system works- Guests are given a boarding group number and will wait until they get a message that their group is open to board. Guests will then be given a 1-2 hour time window to return to the attraction. In the past, guests had been given a 2-hour window, but as of today that has changed and there is a possibility of receiving a 1-hour return window. Please make sure you note your return time window when it is sent to you!

So how exactly can you score a boarding group number? This is a process that many guests are still befuddled by, and boarding passes go FAST when they open for booking each morning. Luckily, our group of tried and traveled vacation planners from Intouch Vacations have experienced this attraction many times collectively and have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you on your mission; to secure a ride time on Rise of the Resistance! We hope this helps you!

  • Arriving extremely early does not help you secure a better boarding spot as it may have previously. As long as each guest in your party has cleared the ticket scanners and “tapped into” the park, you have just as good a chance for a great boarding spot as someone who arrived hours before. Arriving early will only help you if you have a mission to “rope drop” another popular attraction
  • If possible,  use Uber or Lyft to get to the parks. The parking lot is still very full and buses can run on odd schedules. Uber will drop you off almost exactly where you need to go for bag check and subsequently band scan.
  • If you can, travel to the park without bags. You will skip a long bag check line and get into the park with ease.
  • Make sure you have cleaned up your friends list on My Disney Experience. Have only the people you are traveling with linked to your account. Extraneous guests on your list will cause you extra time when you “Create your boarding group”
  • About 5 minutes before park opening, we suggest you log out and log back into the My Disney Experience App. The App often logs you out after no activity and you don’t want to waste time logging back in.

  • Some say to use phone data instead of park Wi-Fi for securing a spot as the Wi-Fi can become overtaxed when many people log in at the same time with the same goal in mind. Your mileage may vary. I was quite successful with park Wi-Fi one day, but I was only looking for one boarding pass.
  • When you hear the announcement that boarding groups will be opening in one minute, start getting your fingers ready! Some reports have been saying you can get in when you hear this announcement!
  • Be familiar with the My Disney Experience app and how it works. You can see where you will get boarding passes at any time (you just cannot get them!) So, take the time to familiarize yourself with the app!
  • Once you have a boarding pass secured you may go about your day! Have a great time and may the force be with you!

Jess Hayes is an avid Disney fan and owner of our partner agency, Intouch Vacations. If you want more great tips like this for your next trip, please reach out to Jess and her team of Disney Experts at You can request a quote here and make sure to tell us World of Walt sent you for a bonus gift card with your next booking!

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