How to Customize Your MagicBand and Show Off Your Personal Style

Since the dawn of time, humanity has sought to make their belongings all their own. With the magic of Google and YouTube, we have been able to share our ideas of individuality and personalization.

It’s no surprise, then, that Walt Disney World guests don’t want to have the same MagicBands as everyone else; we want to express our individual personalities within the confines of Disney’s MagicBand design.

MagicBand Basics

If you know anything about Disney’s recent technological advancements, you know that the MagicBand is your key to the Kingdom. The RFID technology not only allows you to access your hotel room but also the park and some special events.

MagicBands come in a variety of colors including blue, orange, yellow, pink, red, green, and gray. There are two sizes in one band: leaving the outer band on leaves the band in adult sizes while pulling it off makes the band smaller.

Disney Customization

Disney sells MagicBandits, which are small, pin-like accessories that snap into the fastener holes on the magic bands. These are great for most people except those with very small wrists, which require the tightest fit of the MagicBand.

Disney also makes MagicSliders, which are larger accessories that fit around the Mickey emblem and sit on the wearer’s wrist like a watch.

Finally, Disney makes MagicBand covers, which usually come in a three pack, and slide like a jacket over the MagicBand. The material is a neoprene, which can be wicking, but it will probably have to be washed at some point and may be damaged or torn during daily use.

If these accessories aren’t enough personalization for you, there are more options available.

MagicBand Covers

MagicBand covers are durable stickers. These can be ordered online from a variety of sites including and Both sites offer designs suitable for many occasions including everything from Halloween, birthday and wedding, and Disney Princesses. These heavy-duty stickers can withstand even the harshest of Florida summers in the heat, humidity, sun, and pool without pealing, fading, or losing their stickiness. The stickers don’t interfere with the RFID technology, and can be worn with any size MagicBand. All this can be yours for just $5 to $8!

DIY Personalization

A quick search on Pinterest reveals dozens of customizing ideas.

Being cheap and a bit crafty, I decided to try my hand at some DIY MagicBand customizing. The rubber material that the MagicBand is made of seems to take a variety of medias pretty well.

For my first MagicBand, I used confetti nail polish that I purchased at Five Below. The nail polish went on easily, and dried quickly. When I wrapped the band around my wrist for the first time, I heard some cracking, but the polish seemed to be unscathed.

My first personalized MagicBand turned out pretty nicely.
My first personalized MagicBand turned out pretty nicely.

Since guests who book through Disney get a new MagicBand with every new reservation, I decided to order a different color for my next visit. This way, I can have two active MagicBands and match them to my outfit each day.

My second band is customized with glow-in-the-dark nail polish with some confetti nail polish on the Mickey head. I had some trouble keeping the confetti polish in the head, so I figured it would use a pin to pick it out of the crevice around the head after it dried. However, whatever material the MagicBand is made of is obviously a very good adhesive for the nail polish. In other words, once it’s on and dry, it will be very difficult to remove or correct any mistakes.

This glitter glows in the dark! I can't wait to try it out on the dark rides!
This glitter glows in the dark! I can’t wait to try it out on the dark rides!

Many people, including some cast members, asked where I got my “special” MagicBand. When I explained that I personalized it, they all thought it was a great idea.

Other Ideas

Other DIYers suggest nail gems, sharpie, stickers, and even temporary tattoos to reflect your personality. Since most stickers and nail gems aren’t very sticky, I would suggest gluing them on with super glue and painting over them with a clear acrylic paint or nail polish.

Have you customized your MagicBand?  Do you plan to?