Holiday Turkey Sandwich

Year Round Holiday Fun: Holiday Turkey At Earl Of Sandwich

There are plenty of Quick Service dining options around Disney Springs, and many of them are really good. From the amazing pizza at Wolfgang Pucks to the fun Conewiches at Marketplace Snacks, there is something for everyone.

One shop that seems to always be popular is the Earl of Sandwich in the Marketplace section,  not far from the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Ice Cream Shop.

About Earl Of Sandwich

The Earl of Sandwich company is actually headquartered in Orlando, and the very first restaurant that the company opened was in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World way back in 2004. It was founded by several people including the current heir to the title of Earl of Sandwich. Really. It’s in Wikipedia.

The restaurant now has more than 20 different locations operating around the world with several in airports and casinos.

Earl Of Sandwich Entrance
The Disney Springs location was the first for Earl of Sandwich.

Popular And Jammed

The location in Disney Springs often seems really busy, with huge lines that nearly snake outside the door. The line moves quickly, however. The ordering and payment process is quick, but if you purchase a fountain drink be prepared to navigate a traffic jam – the cash registers, food pickup, and fountain drink center are all close together which makes for some confusion. I heard someone comment that Earl Of Sandwich didn’t quite have that signature Disney efficiency. When it comes to traffic flow, I would have to agree.

However, all the traffic and confusion is worth it.

Earl Of Sandwich Crowds
The restaurant always seems packed.  Check out the line of people waiting to order.

A Holiday Every Day

I’ve heard a lot of chatter on the internet about the Holiday Turkey Sandwich. For a while, it was only available at certain times of the year, but now it is available all year long.

Holiday Turkey Sandwich
The Holiday Turkey sandwich is awesome!

I decided to try the sandwich myself. It is served toasted and warm. It comes with turkey, stuffing, gravy and a mild cranberry sauce. If you like Thanksgiving leftovers, you will love this sandwich. I did. It was one of the best quick service food items I’ve had in a while.  It’s no wonder Earl of Sandwich is an award winner.

Do you like the Holiday Turkey sandwich at the Earl of Sandwich?