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High School Esports Championship Coming to Disney World

ESPN Wide World Of Sports recently renovated its facility so that it was capable of hosting new sporting events including esports, which are competitive multiplayer video games played for spectators.  Yes, for all us oldies out there, these are events with professional video gamers.

The Wide World of Sports is known for hosting traditional sporting events including basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, track and field, football, soccer, and dance and cheer, but the recent expansion means it now has an arena capable of introducing a new kind of sport to the venue.

ESPN Wide World of Sports will host the National Interscholastic High School Esports Championship tournament from June 12th through the 14th of 2020. This event will bring the best high school teams in America, who will qualify in regional competitions this coming fall and spring, to Florida for the national competition.

Esports are coming to the ESPN Wide World of Sports.
Esports are coming to the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

While Disney, ESPN, and the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) are still ironing out the details, we already know that this will be a huge event. Esports is one of the fastest-growing activities in the world in both athlete participation and audience size with more than two billion and counting. The EGF is the leading organization for the management and delivery of high school and collegiate esports events with more than 2000 every year across the nation.

This is a good partnership because both the EGF and Disney’s ESPN are top in their game. ESPN hosts more than 100 events every year from 70 different sports and participants from as many different countries. The esports competition expands the Wide World of Sports’ portfolio but also opens the EGF up to a larger venue with more attention.

Excited to see Esports in Disney World?