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Here’s what you need to know about Disney World’s New Date-Based Ticket System

Disney has been trying for years to smooth out very busy and very slow times within the theme parks. They started festivals at Epcot during typically slower periods to draw in crowds, and they offer less expensive one-day tickets during these times as well, which are typically when school is in session. Conversely, they also raised ticket prices during busy seasons (summer and Christmas) because they know people will pay more to visit when it’s convenient for them.

Now, Disney is changing up their ticketing system again and switching to date-based pricing.

What does that mean? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about Disney’s new date-based ticketing.

An overview

Theoretically, Disney could set a different ticket price for every day of the year. In practice, this will probably mean that their current Value, Regular, and Peak seasons will each be given different pricing, but there might be more wiggle room with date-based pricing than with season-based pricing.

All of this will take place in Disney’s new online vacation planning platform that Disney promises will make it possible to plan a more personalized Disney World vacation.  It will include tips from the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel and attraction overviews with the goal of helping guests make more informed decisions.

The new planning platform will feature an interactive calendar, which will display pricing for the dates that you select plus show you the lowest priced days within the month selected.

This may save you money, depending on when you go, and allows Disney to fill their parks on traditionally less busy days. What’s more, you can access this calendar on MyDisneyExperience and make changes anytime from anywhere.

Disney World is moving to a date-based ticket pricing system making all parks priced equally!
Disney World is moving to a date-based ticket pricing system making all parks priced equally!

Expiration Dates

With Disney’s new date-based pricing, they’re also changing their expiration dates for tickets. 1-day tickets are valid only for the date that they were purchased. Multi-day tickets are good beginning on the start day for which they were purchased and must be used within a period of time. For example, a 3-day ticket must be used within five days of the start day, but you can use them any three of those five days. The longest multi-day ticket available – 10-day tickets – are still valid for 14 days from the start day.


One significant difference worth noting is that all parks will now have the same pricing on the same days. Where as Magic Kingdom used to be the most expensive park for single-day tickets, all parks will have standard pricing on the date-based pricing system. Pricing will range from $109 to $129 based on expected crowd levels.

Also, if you choose s start date, you can change it anytime; however, if the date is changed to a higher price, you will be charged the difference. If you change your start date to a less expensive day, Disney says they won’t provide refunds.

Current tickets

This new date-based pricing will take effect on October 16th, 2018, and tickets purchased before then are valid until the original expiration date. Any unused and unexpired tickets are still valid until their expiration date.

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