Gaston is a healthy-looking guy. His places serves some healthy food.

Healthy Food Choices at The Magic Kingdom

For many people, a vacation to Disney World means a complete escape from the most unpleasant parts of the real world. No work schedules to worry about, no bills to pay, and no deadlines to meet.

For some, this also means no diet to worry about. In fact, going to Disney World is often a wonderful reason – or at least a reasonable excuse – to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. After all, some people estimate that you will walk about 13 miles each day at Disney World. That’s about half a marathon every day! You will definitely burn off some of the calories you take in.

But what if you want to eat in a healthy way during your vacation? What if you don’t want to subsist on ice cream, turkey legs, and candy that turns your tongue all kinds of unnatural colors?

Fortunately for those who want to maintain healthy eating habits, even on vacation, Disney World now offers many healthy food choices around their property.

Let’s take a look at five places where you can get healthy food at the Magic Kingdom:

1 – Prince Eric’s Village Market

Located in the shadow of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride and across from Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid Ride in the Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom, Prince Eric’s Village Market offers plenty of healthy options. This nautically-themed walk up food location offers all-natural lemonade, apple slices, mixed fruit, pineapple spears, and watermelon (available seasonally). It also offers fruit drinks with interesting flavor combinations like orange mango, strawberry banana, and mango. In addition, you can buy whole fruit, humus, and various types of bottled water.

2 – Gaston’s Tavern

Located just down the road from Price Eric’s Village Market, Gaston’s Tavern might be famous for the over sized cinnamon rolls and LeFou’s Brew, but there are plenty of healthy options too. You can get hummus, fresh fruit, cut fresh vegetables, and cut apples with caramel dipping sauce.

Gaston is a healthy-looking guy.  His places serves some healthy food.
Gaston is a healthy-looking guy. His places serves some healthy food.

3 – Liberty Square Market

Often described as an easily overlooked hidden gem, this open-air food store is located in Liberty Square next to the Hall Of Presidents. The Market offers plenty of healthy and delicious options, including baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, and whole fruit. In addition, you can purchase a frozen slushi and some on-the-go options like trail mix and Goldfish crackers. (I’m not sure if Goldfish crackers really qualify as healthy food, but I thought it was interesting that you could get them at this location).

The Liberty Square Market is often overlooked.
The Liberty Square Market is often overlooked.

4 – Westward Ho

While this Frontierland location servers plenty of not-so-healthy items like corn dogs and potato chips, you can also order tea, SmartWater, and bottled water.

5 – Cosmic Rays

This perennial Tomorrowland location features the snarky audioanimatronic alien Sonny Eclipse. It also has its fair share of fried and unhealthy items, but you can find some very healthy items too. The menu includes a grilled chicken sandwich with choice of apple slices or cucumber salad; half rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes and a seasonal vegetable; and sides that include strawberry yogurt, chicken noodle soup, and no sugar added mango gelato.

Cosmic Ray's offers several healthy options.
Cosmic Ray’s offers several healthy options.

Do you eat healthy foods on your Disney World vacation?