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Five Things To Know About Hair Wraps At Disney World

If you have a girl in your Disney World travel party – one who loves a bit of special attention and enjoys having her hair done – then you may become very familiar with the Hair Wrap stands around the located all around Disney property.

Let’s take a look at the five things you need to know about hair wraps at Disney World.

1 – What Is A Hair Wrap?

For the uninitiated, a hair wrap is a way to spice your hairdo. It involves a hair stylist wrapping string around a small section of hair and adding in extra beads for fun.

2 – Where Can You Get A Hair Wrap?

Most hair wrap stands come and go.  They are often located at the moderate or deluxe Disney resort hotels, including the Disney’s Grand Floridian, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. They are often found by the resort’s pool.

You can also find locations at Disney Springs and Disney’s Boardwalk as well as Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Hair wraps can include custom wrapping or clip ons.
Hair wraps can include custom wrapping or clip ons.

The hair wrap stands are normally open only during the day, and not into the evening. The stands also tend to change occasionally, so you might not find them at these locations, and you may find them in other places too.

3 – How Much Does A Hair Wrap Cost?

Prices typically start at $2 per inch of wrap (give or take). On top of that you will need to add extra for beads, which can be as little as a dime or as much as a few dollars. All told, ladies with shorter hair can easily pay $30 for a hair wrap, but it could be much more expensive for very long hair or very flashy beads. Ask the stylist for an estimate of the cost before you get started.

Some stands offer pre-made, clip-on wraps that you can purchase to help fix the cost and reduce the time for your hair wrap experience. It makes removal a snap, which is not the case with a true hair wrap (see item 5 below).

You aren’t required to do so, but you may want to tip the stylist just as you would a hair stylist at home.

4 – How Long Does A Hair Wrap Take?

This all depends on how much wrapping you get done, but it will normally take at least 15 minutes.

5 – How Do You Remove A Hair Wrap?

This can be tricky. One approach is to just cut it off, but that might not look so good when you are done. The alternative is to carefully cut each knot with a small scissors. This takes plenty of patience and time.

A Nice Treat

Many ladies of all different ages seem to enjoy a little pampering of their hair. With hair wraps, they get a bit of attention, style, and fun.

Do you get hair wraps at Disney World?