Pros And Cons Of Going To Disney World Without Your Kids

Sometimes grownups get to go to Disney World as part of a work assignment – perhaps a convention or a class is taking place on or near by Disney property. Other times adults just need to get away on their own. They go to places like the Caribbean and Hawaii without their children, so why shouldn’t they also head off to places like Disney World without kids in tow?

Here are plenty of pros and cons to visiting Disney World without children. Is it right for you?

Let’s take a look at the details:

Pros Of Disney Without Kids


It seems to be a simple fact of both physics and family life – larger groups move more slowly. And the younger the children, the slower the overall group can move. If you go to the Epcot without your kids, you will be able to cover much more territory than you otherwise would be able to cover. You will be able to see more and do more. In summary, you will get things done!


Kids have their own constraint systems built right in. They might need to get to bed by a certain time. They might need to have a fixed schedule for meals. And they might not be able to tolerate too much heat or too much excitement. If you are traveling by yourself or in an adults-only crowd, these constraints disappear. Want to enjoy Space Mountain at midnight? Interested in sleeping in? Want to let loose in Disney Springs? No problem!

Disney without kids provides adults with new options for fun.
Disney without kids provides adults with new options for fun.


Closely related to flexibility is the point of making gown up choices. While most experiences at Disney World are perfect for the entire family to enjoy together, some are better suited for adults. Are you interested in splurging for an amazing meal at Victoria & Albert’s to celebrate a special event? Do you want to spend an evening enjoying a wine flight (a sample assortment) in the France pavilion in Epcot? Again, no problem!

Cons Of Disney Without Kids


If you decide to visit Disney World without your kids, it immediately begs the question – what will you do with your kids while you are gone? Perhaps this is a great time for them to enjoy time with grandma and grandpa, or maybe if you are traveling for a work-related event they will stay home with your spouse. But the kids gotta go somewhere, and need some supervision.


At first this one might not come to mind, but you might just be a bit sad yourself if you are at Disney World without your children. No, not for the whole time. But if you walk by that special spot where your family always takes a picture, or you go on the attraction that you know is junior’s favorite, you might have a tinge of melancholy yourself. Don’t worry, it is temporary. You will get over it.


This may be the biggest factor that prevents adults from going to Disney World without their children: guilt. Will you feel bad for your kids that they don’t get to go, and that they will miss the Disney experience? Will you feel sad for what your kids will miss as you select your Disney Resort Hotel and plan your Advanced Dining Reservations? Do you think they’ll be mad at you? Maybe, but that too will pass.

Have you ever visited Disney World without kids?  Good idea or no?