Get Paid to Vacation at Disney World – But There’s A Catch

Yes, you read that right!  No, you are not dreaming! If you have the proper social media prowess and you are good at capturing pics and video, you and a guest (18+ partner, friend or family member) could be chosen for a three week “testing period” all expenses paid.

However, there is a catch that many articles don’t mention.  Read on to find out what that is.

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Is it off to Disney you go?
Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Is it off to Disney you go?

As a “Professional Florida Theme Park Tester” you will spend three weeks visiting Orlando’s major theme parks and your “job” will be to give feedback on the following:

  • Overall Experience
  • Quality of Variety of Food & Beverages
  • Souvenirs and Brand Merchandise
  • Suitability for families/couples
  • Thrill factor for each ride, show or display
  • Parades
  • Photo Ops

You will be given:

  • £3,000 salary
  • An option to bring a guest (family/friend/partner 18+)
  • Travel costs and accommodations for you and your guest for the three-week duration
  • Daily budget to cover specific reviewing activities like rating select food and beverages.
  • Fast passes and Photo passes provided throughout the duration of the three weeks, (ride, tickets, etc.).
  • Go Pro camera to capture your travels and any social content.
  • Fit Bit to measure your heart rates during certain activities.

That last part sure will be interesting for some of these attractions, those heart rates could be fluctuating!

You can apply at the Ocean Florida travel agency.

The Catch

Sounds like a great gig, right?

There is a catch.  You have to be a UK resident to get the gig.

Interested in a job as a theme park tester?