Learn about how Disney creates magic by dining with an Imagineer.

Four Fun Things You May Not Have Done Yet at Disney World

There are plenty of fun things to do around the Walt Disney World Resort, and if you are a Disney fan, you have probably hit many of the highlights already. You’ve taken flight with Soarin in Epcot, you’ve faced Everest in the Animal Kingdom, and you’ve conquered Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom.

However, believe it or not, there are many more adventures beyond the attractions at Disney World.

Here are four amazing experiences that you can enjoy. None involve an attraction, and all of them will leave a smile on your face and the chance to share some great stories with the folks back home.

1 – Dine With An Imagineer

I think the sign of a true Disney fan is that they always love the “front stage” experience and enjoy it immensely, but at the same time they always wonder how Disney creates the magic “backstage”.

For a relatively reasonable $75 per person (approximate price), you get to share a four course meal at the Flying Fish Café at Disney’s Boardwalk or at the Hollywood Brown Derby with a real life Disney Imagineer. Anyone over age 10 can join in, and the group size is limited to just 10 people.

Ask them how to become an Imagineer, learn about the project they are working on, and see if you can get them to spill the beans about what fun might be coming in the future. If you think you’ve seen it all and done it all at Disney World, you probably haven’t until you have a chance to dine with someone whose job it is to make magic every day.

Learn about how Disney creates magic by dining with an Imagineer.
Learn about how Disney creates magic by dining with an Imagineer.

2 – Take A Backstage Tour

If you’ve never taken a backstage tour at Disney World, you might be surprised at how many different experiences are available. Here are just a few of the options:

  • VIP Tour Guides provide a personalized (and quite expensive) escort around the park
  • Backstage Magic is a seven hour behind the scenes look at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the Magic Kingdom, including a trip though the world-famous Utilidoors
  • Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour provides insights into the life of Walt Disney, the man, as you check out the sights in the Magic Kingdom
  • Yuletide Fantasy shows you how Disney gets ready for Christmas each year

…And the list goes on and on – garden tours, swimming with dolphins, and Epcot tours are all available.

3 – Go On The Wild Jungle Trek

I guess we could technically call the Wild Jungle Trek just another tour, but it is so unique, I think it deserves its own spot on this list. If you love animals or Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this three hour expedition is for you. You get the chance to see animals up close and from vantage points that other guests don’t experience. You also get a photo CD at the end, capturing all the moments along the way, which allows you to focus on enjoying the experience first-hand instead of taking pictures as you go.

4 – Eat Only Mickey-Shaped Food

So this one might be a bit of a stretch, but what a fun stretch it would be! Challenge your troop to eat only food that is shaped like Mickey Mouse for the day. You could start out with Mickey waffles, and enjoy some rice crispy treats and ice cream bars along the way. You would have to do some exploring, and your intake of vegetables might be limited, but for one day it could be a blast. Just imagine the fun you will have relaying your eating adventure to the friends back home.

What unique activity do you recommend to Disney veterans?