Disney World Snacks

Enjoying the many different food choices available at Walt Disney World can be a big part of the fun of a vacation. However, you may not always want to take the time or spend the money on a full meal. Fortunately, Disney offers many locations where you can get some great snacks – either for a quick refresher or for some energy on the run.

Here are some of our favorite places to enjoy a delicious snack at Disney World.

Magic Kingdom: Sunshine Tree Terrace

Not only did the Little Orange Bird recently return to this location, but it also offers some refreshing and interesting snacks. If you love the combination of sweet and tangy, try the citrus swirl which includes both the vanilla ice cream in the frozen orange juice. It is probably unlike anything you’ve ever had. You can also enjoy iced coffee and other delicious frozen treats.

Orange Bird has returned to the Sunshine Tree Terrace.
Orange Bird has returned to the Sunshine Tree Terrace.

The World Showcase section of Epcot offers an amazing variety of food options. It is hard to pick just one – and you probably shouldn’t, because you will want to experience many of the offerings. However, the Karammel-Kuche (which translates as Carmel Kitchen) in the German Pavilion is a great spot to try out. As the name suggests, it is all about caramel candy and it contains plenty of treats from Werther’s Candies. From caramel covered apples and fruits to the amazing dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt, you can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth that this location.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Sweet Spells

If you spot a trend of locations that sell sweets, you are very observant. Located in the Beverly Sunset set of shops in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Sweet Spells is another candy store that sells both packaged candies and cookies as well as those which are made by Disney and sold from a display case. This is a spot that offers candy apples with amazing designs as well as a variety of other cookies and candies.

Sweet Spells is another fine location for sweet snacks.
Sweet Spells is another fine location for sweet snacks.

We’ll take a slight, momentary detour from all of the sweets locations and point out a great place to get pretzels. The variety at this small location isn’t huge, but you can enjoy a standard pretzel or a huge jalapeno cheese pretzel which is simply amazing. Pair this with a frozen lemonade and you have a winning combination.

Disney Springs: Babycakes NYC

Is anyone in your family is on a restricted diet, this store may be your best shot at everyone getting to enjoy a delicious snack. This Disney Springs bakery features delicious baked goods that tastes good on their own that also can accommodate the needs of people who need to avoid gluten, soy, egg, or dairy. They also have kosher options too. While you might think that accommodating all of the special needs would make for bland food, quite the opposite is true. From cupcakes to cookie sandwiches to doughnuts, you are sure to find winners for everyone in your party at this location.

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