Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom Trade Spell Cards

Four Tips For Trading Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom Spell Cards

The new interactive game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an opportunity for theme park guests to show a host of wicked Disney villains who’s the boss. The game uses packs of Sorcerers Spell Cards and portals throughout the park to allow visitors to wage their own battle of magic and wits against the villains intent on taking over the Magic Kingdom.

This is a fun and interactive experience for visitors of all ages. Different Spell Cards and different routes through the park ensure that each guest or group of guests will enjoy a unique experience.

1 – Remember That Trading Can Be Part Of The Fun

In addition to the interactive game play itself, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom also encourages Disney visitors to interact with each other. The cards inside each pack of Sorcerers Spell Cards are randomly selected and packaged, and most visitors will find themselves lacking one, two, or more of the cards necessary to complete the game.

Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom Trade Spell Cards
Trading Spell Cards used in Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom can add to the fun of the game.

Guests are permitted to take one pack of cards per day for each park entry pass. This means that large groups visiting the park together will often have all the cards between them, or that smaller groups spending multiple days at Magic Kingdom will have several chances to get all of the cards that they need. However, if you don’t have those advantages during your Disney World vacation, you can still obtain all of the Sorcerers Spell Cards by making savvy trades with other gamers as you pass from console to console.

Trading is an integral part of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom for many visitors, so you shouldn’t feel shy about trying to make trades with other players throughout the park. However, keep in mind that the game is meant to be fun for young and old alike, and don’t let your competitive spirit get the better of you!

2 – Be Polite

Be polite when interacting with other visitors. You are not obligated to make any trades that you do not want to make, and other guest are not obligated to trade with you. If another guest does not like the trade that you propose, listen to a counter offer to see if you can help each other out in a different way. If not, part cordially and wish each other good luck!

3 – Be Fair

It is also important to make fair trades with other players. This is particularly relevant when you are trading with inexperienced players or with children who may not know when they are making a bad trade. You may make more complicated trades as you gain experience and encounter other veteran players, but keep it simple with the younger players.

4 – Focus On Your Duplicate Cards

To help yourself be efficient when trading, it can be a good idea to keep your duplicate cared or other cards you are willing to trade in a separate deck so that they are easy to browse. You may even choose to generously donate one of your extra cards to a child who is trying to complete the game – it’s good Disney fun!

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