Four Tips For Picky Eaters At Disney World

Walt Disney World offers a huge array of exotic restaurant choices like Moroccan food, Japanese food, and African food. Many people like trying out all these different options that they can’t get at home. For others, however, exotic dining is of no interest at all. They are picky. They only like a very few things, prepared in very certain ways.

How can you reconcile the options for dining adventure while accommodating those who are picky?

Here are four tips on how to help out choosy foodies at Disney World.

1 – Order Appetizers

Full service restaurants often offer a large list of appetizers that are relatively standard from typical soups to standard salads and flat-breads that can be made with different toppings. You can request that the appetizer portion of a dish be upsized into a full meal portion. Oftentimes, it only takes a full bowl of chicken noodle soup or a simple garden salad with ranch dressing to keep your picky eater satisfied.

Disney World chefs can often accommodate picky eaters - you just need to ask.
Disney World chefs can often accommodate picky eaters – you just need to ask.

2 – Order A La Cart

Sometimes one item that is part of a dinner looks good, but maybe the sides aren’t something your choosy eater enjoys. You can often order the components of your meal a la cart taking the parts that look good while avoiding those which are not of interest.

3 – Ask For An Accommodation

The chefs at all the locations around Disney World are used to getting all kinds of unique requests from dealing with certain allergies to whipping up a special item that isn’t anywhere to be found on the menu. If you show up at a Disney restaurant that doesn’t have any sandwiches available, it’s still okay to ask if the chef can make a hamburger for the picky eater in your party. The cook might say no if the ingredients simply aren’t available, but if there is a way to make it happen, they normally will. So don’t be shy, and ask for what you specifically want even if it isn’t on the menu. You will have a better chance of success using this technique at a sit down restaurant since many food items in the quick service locations are at least partially prepared ahead of time.

4 – Try A Buffet

Buffets at Disney World can be on the expensive side, but they do offer the tremendous benefit of variety and the ability to try many things out before committing to eating too much. Most all of the buffets will offer a few standard items that are favorites for picky eaters like macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, and some kind of spaghetti or pizza. Your non-adventurous eater might even try a bite or two of something different and like it!

How do you deal with picky eaters at Disney World?