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Four Changes Disney Cruise Line is making to Online Check-in

Disney Cruise Line has recently made some changes to their online check-in process.

Online check-in isn’t new to DCL, but they’ve recently made some changes that will make your port check-in and your cruise even easier. If you’re planning a cruise or if you’ve already booked, there are some things you should know!

Let’s take a look!

1. Youth Registration

Most notably and significantly, the Youth Activity Registration form has changed. Parents and authorized adults can now provide more detail about their child(ren) including medical conditions and dietary restrictions. Even if you’ve already registered, you can log in and access the new form.

Here are the changes:

  • Self Check-Out Privileges: Parents can now grant children self-check out privileges (allow them to leave the youth areas without a parent signing them out) online. Previously, this had to be done either at the terminal or onboard when you received the Oceaneer Band.
  • Allergies: Parents can indicate allergens and select food options accordingly, but this has to be prearranged and Disney was careful to note that, while they take precautions not to induce an allergic reaction, it’s ultimately at the discretion of the guest to not eat something he or she is allergic to. You can grant your kids the ability to eat lunch and/or dinner in the Youth Activities Spaces, reject this option, or allow only pre-arranged meals to be consumed.
  • Activities: This page also enables the parent to choose what activities kids are allowed to participate in like Cooking Programs, Play-Doh, Model Magic, Face Painting, etc. There is also a note that Epi Pens and respiratory inhalers are on hand and Cast Members are trained to administer them if necessary as long as you have signed the Epi Form.
  • Policies: Next, Disney wants parents to know about some polices aboard the ship. You can authorize Cast Members to give kids first aid if necessary, allow photography and videography in the Youth Activities centers, and agree that you will return the Oceaneer band or be charged $12.95 if you keep it. They also inform you that DCL has a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior that is harmful to themselves or others.
  • Authorized Users: You can also now authorize other members in your party to make changes to this registration. This page also informs you that children under age 18 cannot disembark by themselves. You can select people who the child is allowed to disembark with. However, you can sign the Debarkation Authorization for Minors Form to allow children under 18 to go ashore without the accompaniment of an adult.
  • Opt Out: Finally, you can opt out of all secured programing for one or all of your children. This means that your child cannot participate in any of the Youth Activities onboard, and they will be in your care for the duration of the voyage. I don’t recommend this! Let your kids enjoy themselves and let yourself have some alone time. The Cruise Lines Cast Members are trained to provide maximum enjoyment in a safe environment, so take advantage of it!
Changes are coming to the DCL online check-in process!
Changes are coming to the DCL online check-in process!

2. Castaway Club Members

Another change that will help save paper and thus costs passed on to cruisers is allowing Castaway Club Members on closed-loop cruises to select the option of only receiving luggage tags.

This saves money because you’ll receive a modified version of the Guest Travel Booklet instead of the full spiral bound version.

Castaway Club Members are those who have sailed on the DCL at least once. After one cruise, you are a Silver Member. Gold Members have sailed five times, and Platinum Members are those who have sailed ten times.

3. Terms and Conditions

Cruisers can also sign their Cruise Contract Terms and Conditions electronically. This also cuts down on paper and time allowing you spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time doing paperwork!

4. Port Arrival Form

The Port Arrival Form has replaced the Online Signature Form. It includes information and reminders on what to bring and when to arrive, etc. Remember proper identification, valid passports, and travel visas and to pack these in carry-on bags. It’s a good idea to print this form and bring a copy of it with you to port in case there is a technological error.

Is the Disney Cruise Line check in process too long?