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Florida Governor Supports Increased Capacity At Disney World

During a meeting on Thursday, September 24, Florida Governor DeSantis stated that he is ready for Disney World to increase park capacity and serve more guests.  He said that, at this time, Disney itself is limiting park capacity and that he actually supports Disney Parks move to increase park capacity.

Restaurant Capacity

Desantis said that he plans to lift restaurant capacity restrictions throughout Florida, and will take action to ensure that local governments don’t create their own restrictions to restrict the number of diners that restaurants can serve.

At this time Florida has restricted restaurant capacity to 50%.  After monitoring virus levels in the densely populated Miami and Broward county areas, Desantis said that closing restaurants did not impact health outcomes.

Florida is the third most populated state in the union, behind Texas and California.  Texas currently allows restaurants to operate at 75% capacity, while California allows restaurants to operate at no more than 50% capacity, although rules vary across that state.

Glad Florida’s governor wants Disney to increase park capacity?