Busy street in Tomorrowland at night

Florida Governor: No New Lockdowns, Ani-COVID-19 Measures

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated that he will not implement additional coronavirus restrictions, including a mask mandate.

There will be “no lockdowns, no fines, no school closures. No one’s losing their job because of a government dictate. Nobody’s losing their livelihood or their business,” DeSantis said during an event at Boggy Creek Elementary School.

The governor said that he would focus on his approach of protecting the most vulnerable of Floridians, especially those in nursing homes.  He also said that he has been “doing a lot of work on preparing for the vaccine,” including traveling to Washington, D.C.

Private businesses like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort can make their own rules requiring masks.  All guests of Disney Parks in Florida must go through a temperature screening and must wear a mask at all times except when stationary and eating.

Glad to hear the Florida Governor isn’t planning shutdowns?