Toy Story land Woody entrance at night

It’s almost summer, which means that many people are going on vacation! Where will you go? The forest? The beach? Disney World?

Certainly, lots of people dream of a Disney vacation, but what do you do when your family wants to go to Disney World, but you’re (gasp!) not really a Disney fan?

Whatever the reason – you had a bad experience as a child, you think it’s just for kids, it’s too costly… – some people just don’t like Disney World, and that’s perfectly fine.

If you do happen to be outnumbered by your vacation party that includes Disney fans, you can still enjoy a Disney World vacation! You might have to feign happiness to appease your family members, but it’s not impossible to genuinely have a good time even when a Disney vacation isn’t tops on your list.

Here are five tips to enjoy a Disney vacation even when you don’t like Disney!

5 – Do what you like

The easiest way to have fun regardless of where you are is to do what you like! Fortunately, Disney has plenty to do with lots of variety. Do you like to fish? Charter a boat or rent some fishing gear for some catch and release fishing. Do you like to shop? Disney Springs has enough stores to keep you busy for days! Need some relaxation? Senses Spa at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa provide a full menu of body treatments. Need some time on the green? Disney has some of the nicest golf courses in the world. Do you love nature? Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Epcot’s The Seas Pavilion house animals of all shapes and sizes and even explores how to be environmentally friendly. Are you a foodie? Some of the best restaurants in the world are right on Disney World property! I could go on, but I think you get the idea: there’s something for everyone!

When planning a Disney vacation, do what you love, and you'll have a great time!
When planning a Disney vacation, do what you love, and you’ll have a great time!

4 – Plan Wisely

Whatever you want to do, plan for it! Your favorite Disney fan will probably be making their FastPass+ reservations 60 days and Advanced Dining Reservation 180 days before you leave, but you have to plan for your entertainment too. After all, it’s not just the parks that get busy! It’s nearly impossible to have a really enjoyable vacation without some sort of planning.

Plan when to go, what you’ll do, how you’ll get there, and make any necessary reservations. Otherwise, you might find yourself disappointed because it’s too crowded, all booked, or maybe even being renovated!

3 – Break the mold

Going along the same lines as doing what you like and planning your trip, you should allow yourself to break the mold and encourage your Disney-fan family members to do so too. Pandora – The World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is still pretty new, Toy Story Land has only been open a year, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will soon open the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This means that these lands will be busier than others, and the wait times will be much longer than other attractions.

If you really don't like DIsney World, try to stay away from the places that are most likely to be crowded including the new areas.
If you really don’t like DIsney World, try to stay away from the places that are most likely to be crowded including the new areas.

Instead, if your family insists on dragging you into the parks, encourage them to visit other areas and attractions. They’re just as fun, and they’ll be much less busy than newer attractions.

2 – Find a Respite

When you’re not a Disney fan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Almost the entire resort is Disney-fied. However, there are plenty of places to escape Disney characters, rides, and shows.

One of the best places to do this is at the Disney resort hotels especially those at the moderate and deluxe levels. Most Value resort hotels feature larger-than-life Disney characters and kitschy theming, while Moderate Resort Hotels, Deluxe Resort Hotels, and Deluxe Villa Resorts offer higher-end theming with nicer touches. Therefore, don’t choose the least expensive hotel and stop there.

The higher-end resorts also have nicer pools, larger rooms, more dining options, and more entertainment options. The more amenities available at your resort, the more your resort will feel like a respite from the parks. Magic Kingdom and Epcot area resorts offer the fastest access when you need a break from the parks. Specifically, Disney’s Yacht Club and Disney’s Beach Club feel most resort-like and offer access to one of the coolest pools on property. If you’re looking for a real “getaway” feel, consider Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

The Disney Resort Hotels offer a nice respite from the parks like this beautiful waterfall at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.
The Disney Resort Hotels offer a nice respite from the parks like this beautiful waterfall at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Disney Springs Area Hotels are not as easy to get to because they don’t use Disney’s transportation system, but some of them do offer more amenities for more affordable prices. Namely, the Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts feel mature and very resort-like with exceptional dining and entertainment.

1 – Make the best of it!

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re taken on a Disney vacation and you’re not really a Disney fan, is to just have fun! Make the best of your situation and be happy knowing that your family is happy! If they make you attend a character dining experience or a character meet and greet or ride it’s a small world, just pretend you’re having fun. You might just end up finding that you are, indeed, having fun!

Do you know someone who doesn’t like Disney World? How do they handle a Disney vacation?