Reasons To Love Epcot

Five Great Things To Love About Epcot

There are plenty of things to love about Epcot. It still stands as a unique creation of the Disney Company – copies of it haven’t been planted around the world, and may never be. It’s a one of a kind. From the concept of a theme park geared toward adults to the unique attractions that you can find nowhere else (for the most part, setting Soarin aside), Epcot is truly special in many ways.

While it is hard to pick out the top reason to love Epcot, we will try. Here are five great things that make Epcot special, and help us love it all the more:

1 – Food

Yes, you can find burgers and fries, and even a funnel cake at Epcot. But more than perhaps any other theme park on earth, Epcot shines when it comes to the variety and quality of food. Interested in trying out sauerbraten (pot roast) as it is prepared in Germany? How about a taste of couscous and jasmine salad as only the nice folks in Morocco can prepare? Or could you be tempted by a futomaki (a seafood and egg omelet) and tempura shrimp, prepared in authentic Japanese style? You can find all these things and so much more around World Showcase. Perhaps no other place in the world has such an amazing variety of international flavors, all sitting next to one another just waiting for you to stop by and try them out..

There are so many reasons to love Epcot.  It's truly a special place.
There are so many reasons to love Epcot.  It’s truly a special place.

The folks at Epcot know how to throw a party. Each spring the park bursts with colors as part of the International Flower And Garden Festival, where you can not only enjoy looking at the amazing results produced by Disney’s professional horticulturists but you can also learn their secrets in numerous classes and lectures. The classic fall tradition is the International Food And Wine Festival, with food kiosk that let you taste a variety of international food choices that is even bigger than usual for the park. And at Christmas time you can learn about how countries around the world celebration holidays with the Holidays Around the World events, and then take in the awe inspiring Candlelight Processional to hear a retelling of the Biblical story of Christmas, all presented with a huge choir and celebrity narrator.

3 – Architecture

Disney is well known for its ground-breaking architecture in all its parks and resorts – and even in its corporate offices. And Epcot is no exception. From the varied representations of cultural styles around the world in World Showcase to the engineering masterpiece that is Spaceship Earth, Epcot brings together styles, design, and execution of architecture that is second to none.

4 – Culture

It is often said that the people, or Cast Members, are what makes Disney World such a special place. I think that is true. Disney could be a collection of amazing food, events, and buildings, but still be a place you have no interest in if the people who work there don’t make it work and make it special. Beyond simply making sure the place runs like clockwork, the Cast Members of Epcot also share their county’s heritage with visitors. Epcot is like a little (or maybe big) version of the United Nations, all bundled together in Central Florida. Interested in what it’s like to live in Paris? Looking to practice your Mandarin? The Cast Members who work in the World Showcase pavilions come from those countries, so you can experience a bit of culture through the people of those places without as much as a single stamp on your passport.

5 – Fun

Yes, you are sure to have a good time at any Disney theme park. But Epcot brings fun together with exploration and (dare I say) education in a way the world has never seen before. Only here can you learn about Manatee rescue efforts, see plants grown hydroponically, and watch an authentic Japanese candy artist create edible works of art.