Disney World is a fun place for all types of kids of all ages (yes, the older ones too).

Both boys and girls will enjoy nearly any attraction or show. But there are a few experiences that are geared more toward boys, or more toward girls. Many little men aren’t so interested in meeting a princess. But they normally are interested in fighting, playing in the dirt, and eating!

Here are five fun things that boys will especially enjoy.  Let’s take a look:

1 – Eating at Pizza Planet

What boy doesn’t love to eat pizza? And what better place to do it than Pizza Planet? Modeled after the pizza joint in the Toy Story movie, pizza planet has plenty of activity and noise with lots of arcade machines. If you don’t like pizza (that’s hard to imagine), you can enjoy meatball subs, cookies, an even salads for the adults instead.

2 – Watching The Festival of The Lion King

Bringing together singing and dancing with songs from the Disney animated film The Lion King, Disney’s Animal Kingdom hosts The Festival of the Lion King show – a live performance with plenty of action. From the chance to make animal noises when instructed by the performers to watching stilt walkers and acrobatic performers dressed up as monkeys, this show is a perennial crowd favorite.

The Festival Of The Lion King has plenty of color and action that boys will love.

The Festival of The Lion King has plenty of color and action that boys will love.

3 – Digging in the Boneyard

The Boneyard is located in the Dinoland USA section of the Animal Kingdom Park. It is a playground for preschoolers and grade school-aged kids. Little boys will enjoy the slides, tunnels, maze, and rocks – all situated on a soft floor. Plus there is lots of stand where wanna-be explorers can dig to their heart’s content.  Don’t worry Mom:  the sand is a magical Disney version that is no-stick meaning it won’t get your kids dirty.

4 – Fighting in the Jedi Training Academy

Star Wars fans of all ages dream of battling the forces of evil with their trusty light saber. Nearby the Star Tours attraction, that dream can come true. Boys (and girls too) from age 4 – 12 can take part in a stage show with an opportunity to fight against Darth Vader himself. Just be sure to sign up first thing in the morning, since the limited spots for participating in the show go fast.

Dress up like a Jedi and battle Darth Vader.  How cool is that?

Dress up like a Jedi and battle Darth Vader. How cool is that?

5 – Learning from Captain Jack Sparrow

Interestingly, all of the items above take place at Animal Kingdom and the Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme parks; but there is one more experience that boys are sure to love, and it takes place at the Magic Kingdom. It’s the Jack Sparrow Pirate Tutorial. The show takes place on a small stage just across the way from the original and ever-popular Pirates Of The Caribbean ride. Learn how to use a sword to battle crusty old pirates, and improve your pirate lingo with plenty of “arrgs”!

What are your favorite activities for boys at Disney World?