Where else but at Disney is there an outdoor Twister game, ready for play at any time?

Four Fascinatingly Unique Disney Resort Hotel Amenities

If you’ve ever stayed at a Disney Resort hotel, you know that there are plenty of great amenities that you can expect from every resort in every category including great Disney service, free transportation around Disney property, and free delivery of packages from the parks back to your room.

Even beyond all that, however, a few of the resorts have some really unique amenities.  Interestingly, these unique offerings aren’t just at the Deluxe Resorts (although several are).

Let’s take a look at four of the most fascinating resort amenities:

1 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge: The Savannah

Resort Category: Deluxe

If you love seeing animals in the wild, you will love the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Many different animals come out to graze and romp on the savannah, including ostriches, giraffes, and zebras.  If your room has a savannah view, you can enjoy the animals in the morning from your personal balcony while enjoying a cup of coffee.

However, if you aren’t staying at this property, or if you don’t have an expensive savannah-view room, you can still enjoy watching the animals from the grounds of the hotel as a guest.

2 – Disney’s Pop Century: Twister

Resort Category: Value

So you probably wouldn’t plan your entire trip around this particular amenity, but it is one of those little touches that Disney adds that makes a vacation there extra special. You will find a life-sized Twister board at Disney’s Pop Century. It is a fully functioning game with spinner. Play the game any time;  it’s a fun way to pass a bit of time.

Where else but at Disney is there an outdoor Twister game, ready for play at any time?
Where else but at Disney is there an outdoor Twister game, ready for play at any time?

3 – Disney’s Fort Wilderness: Pony Rides

Resort Category: Other

There are actually a lot of fun things to do at Fort Wilderness, but riding a pony may be considered one of the best activities with horses for the little kids in your party. Offered at the Tri-Circle-D Farm, pony rides are an amazing bargain at just $5. You don’t need reservations, but rides normally happen from 10am to 5pm only, so think about the timing of your ride. Also, rides are restricted to kids under 48 inches and 80 pounds – so this is definitely an activity geared for just the little ones. Also, a parent must accompany the child and the horse around the walking course. This is a fun activity to take in before you enjoy the Hoopty Doo Musical Revue dinner show.

Pony rides are fun for the little ones.
Pony rides are fun for the little ones.

4 – Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort: Stormalong Bay Pool

Resort Category: Deluxe

This pool is so popular that Disney normally monitors the entrance to make sure that non-resort guests don’t try to sneak in. Yes, it’s that good. It’s almost like having a water park at the resort. The pool area is gigantic – covering more than three acres of territory. The pools have a sand bottom – a unique bonus – and tubing on a lazy river. But perhaps the best feature of the pool area is a huge shipwrecked ship which is home to both a water slide for kids as well as one of the tallest and longest water slides at a Disney hotel.

What is your favorite Disney resort amenity?