Storybook Circus Food Seating Area

Fantasyland’s Other New Eating Location – Storybook Circus (Photo Tour)

With the opening of the latest Fantasyland attractions, many people are looking forward the Be Our Guest restaurant where they can enjoy a quick service lunch or a full service dinner – and enjoy a Disney version of fine French food.

But there is another new eating location in Fantasyland. It may not get as much attention, and it doesn’t serve fancy French food, but it is a welcome addition to the food choices in the Magic Kingdom and it offers a much needed additional location to sit down in the shade and enjoy a snack or a light meal.

Storybook Circus Dining

Near the back of Storybook Circus you will find an outdoor seating area. It is located between the Big Top Souvenirs merchandise shop, the Storybook Circus FastPass distribution tent that gives out FastPasses for Dumbo and The Barnstormer, and the Walt Disney World Railroad Fantasyland station.

There are plenty of outdoor tables and chairs, many with partial shade from a large tree in the center of the area. You can pick up sweet treats and drinks inside the Big Top Souvenir shop – cookies, baked good, caramel apples, and drinks seem to be popular items.

Outside, one wagon offers hot dogs, assorted chips, bottled beverages, and bottled water. A second wagon offers Mickey Pretzels, Cheese and Chocolate Sauce, Churros, and bottled beverages.

Let’s take a look.

Storybook Circus Food Seating Area
A new place in Storybook Circus to have a seat and enjoy a snack or a light meal.

Storybook Circus Hot Dog Wagon
What says “circus” more than “hot dogs”?  You can get them here.

Storybook Circus Hot Dog Menu
Hot Dog prices.  Not the cheapest, but you would pay similar prices at a real circus or at the ball park.

Storybook Circus  Pretzel Wagon
Not in the mood for a hot dog?  How about a pretzel or churro instead?

Storybook Circus Treats
You can also get sweet treats inside the nearby Big Top Souvenirs tent.

Storybook Circus FastPass Distribution
After your treat, stop by the big yellow FastPass distribution tent to get a FastPass for Dumbo or The Barnstormer.