Photo credits (C) Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo credits (C) Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

EPCOT’s Creations Shop Will Be The New MouseGear

Today, Disney released concept art of the new shop that will replace the former MouseGear.  Called the “Creations Shop,” EPCOT’s new flagship merchandise location will feature huge windows that will let in plenty of natural light as well as a sleek design.

The concept art shows a huge Mickey Mouse mural.  Mickey inspired the Imagineers when redesigning the shop, and Guests will see images of the famous mouse throughout the store.

Disney wants the new store to be more than just a souvenir location.  They are working to create a shopping experience, and also provide ways for Guests to explore creativity.

Club Cool

Disney also announced that Club Cool Hosted by Coca-Cola, the former home of Beverly, will return to a location next to the Creations Shop.  Club Cool will keep the popular tasting stations and will add new experiences.

EPCOT Transformation

The details on the Creations Shop are another step on EPCOT’s transformation, which includes the new fountain, new flags, and new entrance lighting effects.

Disney estimates that the Creations Shop will open this summer.

Looking forward to the new Creations Shop flagship store at EPCOT?