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Top Five Things to Take if you Drive to Disney World (And Want to Save Money)

Many people live far away from Disney World, so flying is more practical than driving. However, there are some people who just love to drive and those who live close enough to Disney World that flying is impractical.

When flying you’re limited by a carry-on and a couple checked bags. If you drive to Disney World, you’re only limited to how much you can fit in your vehicle, a luggage rack, and a roof rack! That could potentially be a lot of stuff, so let’s take a look at the top five things to take if you are driving to Disney World and want to save a little money.

1. Bicycle

Disney World is a big place, and navigating the resorts can sometimes mean a lot of walking. While some Disney resort hotels, including Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort and about a dozen others, do have bike rentals available, you can also bring your own bike.

Take a family bike ride through the tree-lined paths, lush greenery, and scenic water ways. It’s a different kind of fun in Disney World!

Remember to bring your helmets because Florida law requires riders 16 and under to wear them.

2. Cooler

It would be kind of hard to take a cooler on a plane, so that’s another thing you should bring if you drive. Why bring a cooler?

First, it will help on your drive. You can pack some snacks and drinks to keep you satisfied, which will prevent you from having to stop at the convenience store!

Second, you can bring a small soft-side cooler (no larger than 24″x15″x18″) with you into the parks. This will help cut down on your dining costs during your visit, if you are OK with hauling it around or putting it into a locker.

3. Stroller

If you have young children, a stroller is a welcome relief not only for them but also for you. However, it’s kind of annoying to lug a stroller through the airport; luckily, it’s easy to pack in the car!

Even if your child(ren) don’t normally use a stroller, they’re going to be doing a lot more walking, so their little legs might need the break.

Strollers also help with carrying stuff! You can put your cooler underneath or store some souvenirs!

4. Groceries

One of the largest expenses in Disney World is dining. Eating three meals a day can get pretty expensive, but if you bring your own groceries (or pick them up when you get to the area), you can save a lot of money. You can also snack along the way.

From home, bring non-perishable items like cereal, granola bars, juice boxes, and those squeeze packs of applesauce. You can also pack things that travel well like fruit. When you arrive in Disney World, head to the local grocery store and pick up some perishable items like milk, butter, bread, and some cream cheese and bagels. Since there’s a refrigerator in your room, you’ll be able to keep this stuff fresh during your stay.

5. Accommodations

Probably the biggest expense (along with park tickets) during a Disney World Vacation is accommodations. The Disney Resort Hotels provide some nice amenities and perks that the other hotels in the area can’t provide like Extra Magic Hours and free Magical Express transportation.

The Disney Resort Hotels also provide some unique experiences. One of the most unique accommodations is at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. There are some typical rooms plus cabins and campsites. If you’re driving, you can bring a tent with you and save a lot of money on accommodations! You can also bring campers and RVs. There are even people that rent sites perpetually and basically live at Disney World!

Tenting and camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness can save a lot of money!
Tenting and camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness can save a lot of money!

Do you drive to Disney World?