Four Tips to Get Your Kid to Wear a Mask

If you plan to visit Disney World in the near term, you will need to wear a mask.  Disney’s mask requirements apply to all guests 2 and older.

If you are a parent, you might be asking yourself:  How can I get my child to wear a mask?

Some kids might be resistant. Younger children are still learning what’s “normal”, so their buy-in might not be as difficult, but older children might have a harder time adjusting to wearing a mask.

The American Academy of Pediatrics shared some tips with the New York Times for getting children to wear a mask. These recommendations are good for your next Walt Disney World vacation as well as going out in public and if your child’s school requires coverings when they return in the fall.

Let’s take a look at four tips to get your kid to wear a mask!

1 – The Buddy System

Kids are usually more compliant when others are doing something. The AAP recommends putting a mask on your child’s favorite stuffy. If Bear-Bear is wearing a mask, they might be more willing to wear one also.

Of course, this would only work on younger children who are still attached to a stuffy.

2 – Personalize It

Children of any age can participate in a crafting project! Encourage your child to decorate and personalize their mask. You can use paint, gems, permanent markers, and anything else you can think of. Just don’t make it too heavy or too thick. It should still be breathable.

3 – Dress up!

Disney is selling very cute character masks! Does your child love Stitch or Goofy? Grab some Disney character masks and allow them to pretend to be their favorite character. This is an especially good option if you aren’t crafty (see #2).

4 – Family Monitoring

Kids of any age often enjoy telling their parents what to do (whether that’s encouraged or not!). Now is a great time to put them in charge. Make your kids family monitors. Did Dad’s mask fall below his nose while he was talking to a Cast Member? “Pull your mask up, Dad!” Did Mom take her mask off to sip her drink and forget to put it back up? “Put your mask back on, Mom!”

Final Words:

While kids can definitely help Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Grandpa, Grandpa, Cousin, and other close family and friends remember to wear their masks, it’s also a good time to teach them to be respectful.  In a world where tensions seem to run high, don’t forget to teach them kindness, respect, and grace toward others.

How do you get your kid to wear a mask?