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Disney Springs Stores

If you are one of those people who give a new meaning to the word “Shopaholic,” you may be surprised to discover that one of the most fabulous places for shopping in the country is not Mall of America (in Minneapolis). It is not New York’s Fashion Avenue or even Park Avenue and is not some tiny Flea Market in the Middle of Nowhere but rather can be found at Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Florida. More specifically it can be found in the Disney Springs Area, the district of Walt Disney World Resort that acts as a host to their finest and “funnest” nightlife. So what exactly does Disney Springs have to offer a shopper of your caliber? Sure, they have the permanent installment of Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba and the DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park, but what you’re interested in is the Disney Springs Stores.

Disney Springs Stores offer a great variety of merchandise at all price points.
Disney Springs Stores offer a great variety of merchandise at all price points.

Sure, the Disney Springs District probably has a few stores worthy of your attention including some filled to the brim with Disney character merchandise. This is wonderful but you’re thinking, “I don’t know. Can a few decent stores really justify planning a whole Disney vacation around?” The answer is a thousand times yes. Thinking that shopping at Disney Springs will be a measly handful of stores filled with Mickey Mouse T-shirts and nothing more, could not be further than the truth. The Disney Springs Area includes over 30 different and unique stores, with only a quarter of them centering around Disney Merchandise. That is just in Disney Springs Area by the way and does not mention the other hundred or so stores around Walt Disney World Resort.

The Layout of the Disney Springs Area

The two areas within the Disney Springs Area that will interest you most are the Disney Springs West Side and the Disney Springs Marketplace. The West Side Area hosts most of the restaurants and entertainment such as La Nouba, DisneyQuest, and so on. There are several stores in the West Side associated with entertainment or restaurants, such as the Cirque Du Soleil Boutique and the DisneyQuest Emporium.

The area in Disney Springs that will really draw you in is the Disney Springs Marketplace. This location is home to most of the shops including Basin, D Street, Disney’s Candy Cauldron, Design-A-Tee, House Of Blues Company Store, Hoypoloi, Little Missmatched, Orlando Harley-Davidson, Sunglass Icon, The Art of Disney, TrenD, and of course, the World of Disney Store. There are a handful of wonderful restaurants in the Marketplace as well.

The World of Disney Store

You may be getting the sense that the World of Disney Stores is significant but not just how significant is that? Well it is only the world’s largest Disney store boasting 12 rooms over flowing with Princess and Pirate accessories galore, loads of merchandise featuring your favorites Disney characters, Disney Collectibles, Disney Arts and Crafts supplies, and apparel for men, women, children, and babies. Going to the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Area of Walt Disney World Resort means finding everything you have ever imagined in terms of Disney merchandise and a slew of things you have not. This makes it a great place to pick up a gift or souvenir. The World of Disney is the place to buy all things Disney related regardless of how obscure your favorite character or how novel a product you seek.

Fuel to Keep You Shopping Strong

You understand the full awesome scope provided by the Disney Springs Area in this increasingly fabulous-sounding Disney Resort. With all of these stores to explore how will you avoid shopping until you drop, literally? Remembering to eat helps. Luckily with all the tempting restaurants in the Disney Springs District, remembering will not be a problem but choosing which restaurant to enjoy may prove a bit challenging.

Dining at Disney Springs Area includes quick-service restaurants that deliver fast snacks as well as numerous specialized eateries providing ethnic and elegant fare. These quick-serve restaurants often offer counter services so you can grab a snack and keep shopping uninterrupted. These restaurants do not require reservations or much planning at all, so the convenience factor is high.

A special category of dining options offers panoramic views of Buena Vista Lake along with sit-down dining. It never hurts to make a reservation at these upscale establishments as dinner with a view is popular among the guests. Be sure to take a few hours off to check out these restaurants as you will find the superb dining experience quite worth the interruption to your regularly scheduled shopping.

The Advantage of Disney Vacation Packages

So among the many advantages associated with the Walt Disney Magic Your Way Vacation Package, besides bundling to save up to 50% for example, is free delivery of goods to your Disney Resort Hotel Room. This means that when you buy something in one of the stores on the Walt Disney World premises, you can have it delivered to your Disney Resort hotel rather than having to cart it around with you all day. You are limited in your purchasing power only by your budget not by what you can carry. Note that by booking a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation Package you save oodles of money, therefore resulting in you being able to buy more. Isn’t it great how these things work out?

So Shopaholic go forth, embrace and explore the stores that the Disney Springs Area has to offer and scope out some of the other stores in the theme parks as well. Walt Disney World Resort shopping is hard to beat whether you love Disney Characters or not but especially if you do!