Many folks hate to go anywhere without their four-legged friends, and they take their trusted companions with them on their vacations.

However, Disney World theme parks aren’t exactly a dog’s idea of a fun day.

Fortunately, Walt Disney World Resort can accommodate your furry family member just as well as they accommodate their humans!

Pet-friendly Resort

Fort Wilderness Campground is the only Walt Disney World Resort “hotel” that allows pets. Except service dogs, no animals are allowed in resort rooms or cabins.

Fortunately, Fort Wilderness Campground has some great accommodations for you and your friend. Full-service hook-ups allow you to get all of the amenities you need right in your own camper or RV. When you reserve, be sure to request a pet-friendly site. There is also an off-leash dog park called Waggin’ Trails and many on-leash walking trails around the resort.

Doggy Day and Night Care

If you want to stay in one of the other Disney World Resort Hotels, you can board your pet at Best Friends Total Pet Care. With over 20 years of experience, 45 professional staff members, and day-long and overnight care, Best Friends Total Pet Care can provide your pet with a full-service experience. They are open seven days a week and all year round providing air-conditioned suites and indoor and outdoor runs servicing up to 300 pets at once.

Best Friends Total Pet Care provides a vacation for your pet.
Best Friends Total Pet Care provides a vacation for your pet.

Dog parents can choose from the VIP Luxury Suite, the Vacation Villa, the Indoor/Outdoor Suite, or the Indoor Suite whether your pet is staying one day or one week. Each suite has different amenities, and some even include a web cam so you can check in on your pooch anytime during the day. You can also choose from an extensive list of additional activities including playgroups, cuddle time, walks, bottled water, bedtime stories, ice cream breaks, a holiday meal, and a premium pet bed.

Cats can choose between a two-level or four-level condo with amenities including playtime, cookies and milk, tuna on a Ritz, activity toys, and a deluxe kitty bed.

Best Friends is also happy to take your non-venomous small pet, but you have to provide an enclosure, and rates are based on the size of the enclosure.

Sorry, you will have to leave your venomous pets at home.
Sorry, you will have to leave your venomous pets at home.

If you only need a place for your doggy during the day, he or she will receive the same top-notch treatment as overnight guests in the same accommodations. The kennel is even open one hour before park opening and one hour after park closing so you’ll have time to get your furry friend back to cuddle with at night.

Best Friends also has a full-service grooming salon. You can pamper your pooch with a spa day complete with a shampoo, cut, and pedicure or just a bath before they head home. Don’t forget to bring your pup’s vaccination records since they’ll ask for these first thing.

Florida’s Car Law

Always be sure to keep your pets safe. Not only is it a bad idea to leave your furry friend in the car, it’s also illegal. Even if you roll the windows down, cars get very hot, and your pet can die within minutes from the heat.

Cars can get very hot in Florida - don't leave your pets in your car.
Cars can get very hot in Florida – don’t leave your pets in your car.

Also, Disney World will not allow you to have your pet at a campsite that is not full-service; this means that no dogs are allowed in tents or pop-up campers. It’s not safe for them, and it’s a really bad idea.

Do you to take your pets with you to Disney World?