The Doctor Is In: Disney Helps to Clean the World

How do the bubblies, soap, and shampoo at Walt Disney World help to save lives and protect the environment? Disney hotels and many others participate in a unique, exceptional program that has a significant impact on improving health and the environment.

Improving Health

Clean the World (CTW), founded in Orlando in 2009 by Shawn Seipler, focuses on soap, shampoo, and other amenities left behind in your hotel room. Approximately one million bars a day are discarded by travelers and hotels in the USA. Now there is a program that converts this waste of usable trash into life- saving products.

Disney donates unused toiletries to charitable organizations to help people around the world.

Clean the World is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization. It collects, recycles, and distributes discarded soap and plastic amenity bottles from Disney resort hotels and other participating resorts. Disney pays CTW 50 cents per room per month. CTW provides bins, pickup, delivery, shipping and staff training for hotel housekeepers (Mousekeepers). CTW has 50 fulltime employees and more than 271,000 volunteers. There are plants in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Montreal, and India.

The soap is melted down, reformed, and packed as new bars. It is then sent to charities such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Countries worldwide have benefitted. After the earthquake in Haiti, 150 tons of supplies were sent. Clean the World products result in better hygiene and improvement in serious health issues such as pneumonia and diarrhea. Hand washing and proper hygiene have improved health in many poor countries.

Helping the Environment

Another significant positive result of CTW is improved landfill distribution. The products circulated by CTW are used so the recycle process reduces the waste and landfill material.

In 2013, tens of thousands of pounds of soap and hotel amenities were recycled, diverting more than 51 tons from landfills. Over two years, thirty-three tons of bottled amenities, such as lotion and shampoo, were dispersed.

These donations keep bottles out of landfills.
These donations keep bottles out of landfills.

At Walt Disney World, 19 Disney hotels and Disney Vacation Club resorts have participated in the CTW program. Since it entered the program in 2010, Disney has diverted nearly 87 tons of hotel waste from landfills.

Here are some specific example stats:

  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort has recycled 53,677 bottled amenities and 465,477 bars of soap.
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort has recycled 24,258 bottled amenities and 199,852 bars of soap.

These numbers reassure us that the unused amenities will be put to a very worthwhile service through the CTW organization. Next time you visit a Disney World hotel, think twice about taking the unused toiletry items; anything you leave behind will be recycled and appreciated by a grateful recipient.

Did you know Disney World recycles hotel soap?  Good move?