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Disney’s Mom’s Panel: Accepting Applicants From Disney Experts

In 2008, Disney started the Disney Mom’s Panel on the premise that parents like to ask neighbors, family members, and friends for advice when planning their Disney vacations.

Ten years later, Disney’s Mom’s Panel has grown to include 40 moms, dads, grandparents, and family members from a variety of backgrounds including those in the military, from different cultures, and speaking four different languages.

If you are the go to person in your social group when it comes to Disney questions and you like helping others plan their Disney vacations, you might have what it takes to be part of Disney’s 2018 Mom’s Panel, an online resources for honest, relate-able vacation advice. It’s like sitting around the patio talk to your parent friends!

Starting at noon on September 6th and lasting until noon on September 13th, Disney will be searching for everyday moms, dads, and family members for their next Mom’s Panel.

If you love Disney World, consider applying for the Disney Park's 2018 Mom's Panel!
If you love Disney World, consider applying for the Disney Park’s 2018 Mom’s Panel!

Successful Mom’s Panel applicants will have personal experience at a number of Disney Destinations including Disney World and Disneyland, the ability to communicate in a friendly and easy to understand way, and will be able to communicate in at least one but preferably two or more of the four languages supported in the forum- English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

If you’d like to apply, here’s what you have to do:

1. Go to during the search period.

2. Answer a few short-answer questions .

3. If you make it to the second round, you’ll answer some more short-answer questions and provide a brief video to the search panel.

4. The third round is a phone interview.

5. If you make it through the rigorous interview process, you’ll be invited to attend a mandatory training session in Walt Disney World from November 29th to December 3rd.

Once the successful candidates have reached the training, you’re officially in, and the names of the newest Mom’s Panel members will be announced in January. You’ll be employed as an Independent Contractor, but you won’t actually get paid.  Bummer. Instead, Disney will pay you for your participation in the form of a rewards trip to any one Disney Destination for yourself and up to three family members.

If you do make it into the Mom’s Panel, you’ll discuss all things Disney including Disney theme parks, Disney water parks, Disney resort hotels, Disney Cruises, and more. “Mom’s” provide advice of all kinds and answer questions daily. Visitors can then explore topics and ask questions.

Disney’s 2018 Mom’s Panel:  Interesting in joining?