Disney’s Mobile Food Ordering now Supports Allergy-Friendly Menu Items

Dining is big business in Disney World! There are more than 100 dining establishments from quick and casual to five-star. If you want something quickly, the counter-service restaurants are the place to go. The food is generally better than real world fast food, and you won’t spend a ton of time eating your meal.

One way that Disney has reduced the amount of time guests have to spend waiting at these restaurants is by launching mobile ordering. By taking advantage of mobile ordering, you can skip the lines and order your food on your phone before you even arrive at the restaurant.

Several quick-service restaurants now offer allergy-friendly mobile ordering!
Several quick-service restaurants now offer allergy-friendly mobile ordering!

This is a convenient way to order food, but until now, it did not offer support for allergy-friendly foods.  Those with dietary restrictions had to go to the restaurant, wait in line to order their food, and wait for it to be prepared even while the rest of their family could have placed their orders via mobile order and saved all of the time waiting.

That has changed.

Now, MyDisneyExperience lists allergy-friendly foods (including those for gluten, nut, dairy, fish, egg, and soy allergies) for all counter-service restaurants that offer menu options for these allergies. The menu items are listed toward the bottom of the menu, and you can order them via mobile ordering!

Disney Mobile Ordering for Allergen-Friendly Foods: a good improvement?