Fancy Cinderella princess stroller

Disney is updating its stroller policy for Walt Disney World and Disneyland effective May 1st, 2019.

At both Disney World and Disneyland, stroller size will be limited to those 31” wide and 52” long or less. They are also banning all wagons whether pushed or pulled, which effectively disallows those special Cinderella Carriage wagons.

Disney says that this will improve the overall guest experience and reduces congestion. Some parents (and many non-parents!) may be excited about the new rule, but not everyone is happy. Some parents are taking to twitter opposing the new guidelines.

In fact, the updated policy isn’t too much smaller than the current policy, which allows strollers up to 36” and still 52” long.  I guess those 5″ make a difference.

Disney's new stroller policy, which goes into effect May 1st, 2019, limits strollers to 31" wide and 52" long.
Disney’s new stroller policy, which goes into effect May 1st, 2019, limits strollers to 31″ wide and 52″ long.

Remember, this policy doesn’t go into effect until May 1st of this year, so if you’re vacationing before then, you can still use your stroller as long as it fits the current guidelines.

If you’re worried that your stroller doesn’t meet the size requirements, you can rent a stroller from Disney World:

  • Single strollers cost $15 for one day or $13 per day for multiple days
  • Double strollers are $31 for one day or $27 per day for multiple days.

These strollers cannot be removed from the parks, but if you’re park hopping, you can present your rental receipt at your second destination to get a replacement. Likewise, if you misplace your rental stroller, present your rental receipt to get a replacement. Strollers can be rented in every park near the entrance(s) and Disney Springs at the following locations:

If you’d rather have your own instead of taking chance on Disney’s stroller rental availability, there are several Disney-approved vendors including Magic Strollers, Orlando Stroller Rentals, and Kingdom Strollers. Orlando Stroller Rentals and Kingdom Strollers prominently display messages on their sites assuring would-be-renters that all of their strollers (including the popular City Mini double stroller) fit within Disney’s new size requirements. Magic Strollers presumably will follow suit.

Disney’s New Stroller Guidelines: good or bad?