Disney Vacation Deals Save

Disney World Vacation Deals

A little know fact about many of the Disney World vacation deals available today, however, is that you can cut your costs while actually boosting your vacation fun! Disney uses a combination of vacation packages and special offers to maximize your savings on a Disney World Vacation that’s even better than you dreamed it would be.

You might be thinking that this is impossible, but Disney’s deals are so effective at cutting your costs that you are able to do even more with the money you save. In fact, many Disney discounts increase the more people and the longer the stay – yes, seriously, giving you extra incentive to really go wild. Treating yourself to a bit of extra fun in the hot Florida sun will indeed increase your savings, thereby getting you a better deal while you are enjoying treating yourself!

How to Get the Best Deals

Of course, whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been to Disney a hundred times, there are great ways to maximize the deals you are eligible for. You may find it overwhelming to sort through websites and travel books.  Read on for more information about how to make the process as effective and painless as possible.

With a little navigation, you can get some good deals on your Disney vacation.
With a little navigation, you can get some good deals on your Disney vacation.

You have an ally in this mission to discount the price of your Walt Disney Vacation – a travel agent who specializes in Disney. Before you ask, yes, they do exist. Finding a personal travel agent is an important step in the vacation planning process. Be sure that you find a travel agent with Disney’s seal of approval – this should come in a banner or icon on their website that declares them an “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” or something similar. This means that the agent has gone through training courses in Disney vacation planning – so they know what they are talking about.

Please contact a travel agent who requires 1-2 steps only to get a phone number. A phone number should be readily available, or available after just one email or so. Also, you should only use a travel agent you can contact by phone toll free – that’s right, it should cost you nothing to use them! Official travel agents are paid by the destination, not the traveller. This means that any up front fees mean that this travel agency is not for you.

Your personal travel agent will be able to give you a full-service rundown of all things you need for a great Disney World vacation, including a personal travel plan just for you and your family. They will check out all the options on your behalf to find the ones that are best suited for you.  Best of all, Disney Authorized travel agents have the most up to date and thorough information regarding all vacation packages, discounts, and special offers available at any given time. This is important since this information constantly changes.  This also means that along with your personal travel plan, you and your personal travel agent can come up with the best combination of deals to save your family the most money while maximizing their fun!

Vacation Packages

Walt Disney World Vacation packages are designed to save you money and by bundling together the cost of your theme park tickets, your lodging, your meal plans, and even your transportation.

Magic Your Way Package

The Magic Your Way Package at Walt Disney World Resort is your ticket to getting the best deal. The base ticket includes one admission to the Disney theme parks or water parks per person covered by the package per day of your stay. You can also add a dining plan – table service included, and a stay at one of Disney’s world class resort hotels – stays most nights can be discounted up to 50%.

One of the ways that the Magic Your Way Package gets you a great deal is by saving you money. On average, the package saves a family of four about 30% – 50%. The room rate, the theme park ticket, and even the cost of food is lowered overall by booking all the components of your vacation together in a single package.  Also, the package can be combined with other discounts, like the Florida Resident Discount and Disney’s special offers for members of the armed forces.

The other way that booking a Magic Your Way Vacation Package for your family’s Walt Disney World Vacation is deal is that it saves you some hassle. Booking all of your vacationing needs together is so much easier than making a separate call for each – one for your room only reservation and one for the tickets. Not to mention that without a dining plan you’d have to set aside a food budget and keep track of about a million receipts. Booking all at once saves you time, stress and money – as well as reducing your overall costs, and allowing you to do more. Now that is a good deal.

Other Packages

Disney offers a few other packages that can be used to get a great deal. The Disney Annual Pass can save you money on multiple trips to Disney World Resort in Orlando. The Disney Vacation Club is a point-based timeshare that has vacation destinations all over the world, including a few special, extra-deluxe villas at Walt Disney World.

Book Early

After the countless hours you and your personal travel agent will no doubt spend gabbing over your wonderful Magic Your Way Package, booking will seem like such a low priority that it may slip your mind. It is important to remember, however, that the earlier your book, the earlier that it is done and out of the way.  The last thing you want to do is plan this wonderful vacation and forget the last step and miss out! Also, it is easier and cheaper to accommodate your interests and needs when booking earlier rather than later.   Finally, booking early gives you the best chance at the best discount.

When finding the best Disney deals, save yourself and your family a headache and use the tools available to you to the fullest extent that you are able. Remember, the best way to maximize your fun while saving money is to talk to a travel agent, Magic Your Way through booking a vacation package nice and early, and then get your butt to Disney World and have fun.