Disney World Survival Tips

While we don’t like to think of a vacation as something that you need to survive, it is true that a vacation to Disney world does require some special planning.  Disney World is a huge place, and it is very easy to become overwhelmed if you don’t plan ahead.

Planning Ahead

That said, it isn’t necessary to develop a comprehensive project planned scheduling every minute of your vacation.  All you need to do is follow some simple tips to make sure that you get the most from your Disney World vacation.

Here are some of my favorite tips that Tim provided.

Doing Your Homework

The first and best tip is to do a little homework ahead of time.  The worst thing you can do is show up in Orlando with no tickets, no overall plan for your time, and no idea what you’re going to do.  Disney has so many options that walking onto the property without a general outline for how you will spend your time is a recipe for confusion.

Before you leave home, spend at least a few hours researching ticket options on the internet and purchasing your Disney World tickets either directly from Disney or from an authorized travel agent.  Also, take a look at the hours each of the theme parks is open.  Create generals schedule for how you hope to spend each day.  You can always change your plan, but knowing the hours of each park and the special events offered at each park will help ensure that you used your time most effectively.

Don’t Overlook The Minor Attractions

Another series of tips deal with the best way to approach to the many attractions at Disney World.  While everyone has an interest in the riding some of the star attractions – those major a thrill rides that draw the huge crowds – it is still a great idea to look at some of the secondary attractions.  Many of them are just as enjoyable and have far shorter lines.

Disney’s FastPass System

However, for those star attractions, be sure to use that Disney FastPass system.  With a FastPass, you insert your park admission ticket into a machine near the entrance to the attraction.  Out pops a small piece of paper with a time window when you can return to the attraction and ride with very little wait.  A great strategy is to head to the most popular attraction you want to ride at the beginning of the day.  Get your FastPass to make your reservation and avoid a long waits in a line.  This gives you plenty of time to visit other attractions.

Give Yourself A Break

Another tip that I find very helpful is to plan a break in the middle of the day.  Many people “ go commando” in their approach to a Disney vacation.  They want to spend every possible minute in the parks and ride every possible attraction.  They truly want to get their money’s worth.

You don't have to treat your Disney World vacation like an army invasion.
You don’t have to treat your Disney World vacation like an army invasion.

For some, this may be OK.  But for others, it means a vacation that leaves you more exhausted then when you began.  Consider taking a break in the middle of the day and going back your hotel room for a nap or a plunge in the pool.  This allows you to escape the hottest part of the day and the largest crowds.  It also allows you to make plans to visit the parks when they first open in the morning, and plans to stay at the parks until late in the evening when they close.  This tip alone can save you from exhaustion and help you to experience far more of Disney than you might otherwise.

Remember – It’s Vacation

This all leads into a last point.  Don’t wear yourself out.  Whether you’re a family with little kids, a senior adult, or a young adult with plenty of energy, you don’t want your Disney vacation to be an excruciating marathon.  You want to have a good time.  Know when you need to take a break, schedule some down time, and just relax.  After all, it is your vacation.