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Disney World Premiers PhotoPass+ With New Extras

What Is PhotoPass?

PhotoPass is a service at Disney World where you get a card that allows you to access photographs that Disney photographers take of you and your family.  Disney photographers are located throughout the Disney parks – especially around iconic location like in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom or in front of the Tree Of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  When you see a Disney PhotoPass photographer, you give them your PhotoPass card.  They then take multiple pictures of your family.  When you get home, you use the ID on your PhotoPass card to view your pictures on the PhotoPass website.

Basic PhotoPass Is Free

Disney takes the photos for free, and you can view them for free and even e-mail them or share them on Facebook – all for free.  If you want to purchase a “photo product” (like your picture on a coffee mug or in a book), then you can order it from the site.

Photopass can provide pictures in places where you can't take them - like on attractions.
Photopass can provide pictures in places where you can’t take them – like on attractions.

While having your photos taken and browsing them is still free, PhotoPass+ costs $199.  What do you get for that money?  Like with other packages, you get a PhotoPass CD that contains all the photos taken on your Disney World vacation (up to 14 days worth).

What Extras Does PhotoPass+ Give You?

You get all the photos taken on attractions – the action shots automatically snapped at places including:

In addition, you get all the photos taken at select Disney character dining events:

You also get a special PhotoPass+ card and lanyard, and some stock photos.

Purchasing PhotoPass+

Interestingly, right now you can only purchase PhotoPass+ inside the Disney World parks.  And in order to include the character dining or attraction photos, you need to present your PhotoPass+ card.

Is It Worth It?

Disney charges close to $20 for ride photos – which includes either an 8X10 or a 5X7 plus four wallet photos.  If you plan to purchase lots of ride photos, it may just be less expensive to collect them on PhotoPass and them print them  out on your local drug store.

Many folks report that they end up fewer than 100 PhotoPass pictures from their vacation. If you get that many, you are paying about $2 per photo, but some of those are sure to be ones you don’t really want.

PhotoPass+ might be a good deal for you if:

  • You plan an extended vacation
  • You plan to seek out every opportunity to have a PhotoPass photographer take your picture
  • You plan to attend multiple Disney character dining events
  • You really enjoy the photos taken on attractions
  • You want digital access to all the photos taken so that you don’t have to pick and choose

If that sounds like you, consider purchasing a PhotoPass+.  Otherwise, you might get a better deal by purchasing a different package.