Disney World Places To Stay

Disney World Places To Stay

Such families want every aspect of their trip – including where they stay – to be fabulous. Others are visiting the park on a shoestring budget, and need to find Disney World places to stay that will allow them to stick to their budget.

The good news is that there are all types of places to stay near Disney World, and there are options to fit most any budget.

The Premium Hotels

One of the factors that most impacts the price of a Disney World hotel is the ease of access and close proximity to the various parks. With that in mind, the four most expensive hotels in Disney World are those that allow visitors to reach the parks without the need to board shuttle busses. Direct access is provided via a monorail or, in some cases, by boat. The four top hotels are:

• Disney Wilderness Lodge
• Contemporary Resort
• Grand Floridian
• Polynesian Resort

These four hotels also feature amenities that you would expect from a top dollar hotel such as 24 hour room service, valet parking and access to world class spas.

From fancy to fun, Disney offers a huge variety of hotels.
From fancy to fun, Disney offers a huge variety of hotels.

There are other hotels that also fall into the Premium category, but that are slightly less expensive than the four listed above. A great example is the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The setting is what makes this hotel such a fun choice. You will feel like you are in an African lodge. You will see animals roaming and guests of this hotel are offered the opportunity to take part in a sunrise safari. That option is only available to guests of the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge. Other premium hotels include:

Each has its own amenities and features that make it worth the extra money for those who can afford it.

Moderate Choices

When visiting Disney World, places to stay on this moderate list include many amenities that you may expect to find only in the top hotel choices. This includes extended park hours, free transportation, babysitting services, and more.

While these hotels are located a bit further away from the parks, the free transportation makes that less of an issue. The moderate Disney World hotels include:

These moderately prices hotels, while less than the top choices, are still a bit pricey for some visitors. In the next section, you can read about the value choices offered by Disney World.

Value Choices

Even the value choices at Disney World were built for fun. Even though these choices are further from the parks, you will still receive free transportation to the parks via shuttle bus. There are even great, entertaining options for the kids that allow you to have a little fun with the older members of your group.

The value hotels at Disney World include:

When making a selection, check the amenities offered by each in order to be sure to choose one with the features that are most important to you.

Disney Campgrounds

Another option is to stay at the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort. There are four types of campsites that allow everything from basic tent camping to sites that are large enough to accommodate even large RVs and motor homes.

Amenities vary based on the type of campsite that you choose, but the list is quite impressive. A few highlights include:

  • Pet sitting
  • Available internet
  • Comfort stations featuring washers and dryers
  • Babysitting services

The sites intended for RVs and motorhomes include enough room to also pitch a tent if you would like. There is parking right at your campsite included with all types of sites.  Because this is still a Disney run location, many of the amenities available at the other hotels are also available here. Be sure to ask for a current list of amenities when planning your stay.

Other Tips

When choosing where to stay, remember that there are other factors to consider than simply the cost of the room. These factors can add to the cost of your total vacation, so must be considered when choosing a room.

  • Food – If a hotel includes breakfast, meal discounts or has a mini-kitchen in each room, this can provide a considerable savings. If a bottom dollar room includes no such extras, but a slightly more expensive room does, it will usually be more of a bargain in the end to choose the latter.
  • Transportation – Some of the budget hotels provide free shuttle service to each of the parks. If the one that you choose does not, you will need to include the cost of getting back and forth, including parking, in your total vacation budget.
  • Extras – If the hotel includes any extras, such as discount merchandise or discount park tickets, this should be included in your final decision.
  • Consider value weeks. Value weeks at Disney World are the times of the year when the fewest number of guests visit the resort. For this reason, many of the accommodations offer a rate that is lower than at other times of the year. This provides the opportunity for even greater savings, and may allow you to upgrade to a nicer hotel than what you would be able to afford during the peak season. The exact dates for the value season pricing will vary from year to year, so check for the current dates when planning your trip.

No matter where you choose to stay while at Disney World, you are sure to have a memorable stay. If you have to cut corners somewhere, the room is a good place to do that. After all, where you stay is just to sleep and change before heading out. The real fun happens while you are at the parks enjoying all of the magic that makes a Disney World vacation unforgettable.