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Disney World Increases Ticket Prices on Select Days

It didn’t happen in February, but it did happen. Disney world increased park ticket prices effective March 12, 2019

Hey while back Disney instituted a new date based ticket pricing system where prices vary each day.

Disney made changes to The pricing on several different days:

  • A one day ticket during Christmas week is now $159 in 2019. This is a new High Point for a single day ticket.
  • Disney also increased the price of tickets around Easter, memorial day, and the time before Christmas to $139 for a single day ticket.
  • Disney increased the price for Park Hoppers by $5.
  • Disney increased the price of an annual pass to the water parks from $130-$139. They did not, however, increase the prices of other annual passes.
Disney World increased ticket prices.
Disney World increased ticket prices.

Preferred Parking Price Decrease

Very interestingly, Disney now has tears for preferred parking. In the past, preferred parking was always $50. Now, it is $50 during peak season and is $45 in regular season.


Are you surprised Disney increased ticket prices?