Casting sign and Walt Disney World Casting Center building

Disney World Expands Free Education Program for Cast Members

There are no “employees” in the Disney Universe, there are only cast members.  Every one of them is a part of the production of the Magic that is Disney.

Recently, Disney added two new schools to its list of free educators for their hourly cast members; Purdue University Global and Southern New Hampshire University.

Disney Aspire, an education benefits program developed for cast members, now includes 13 institutions that take part in providing classes and programs.   Disney foots the entire bill for everything including tuition, books and fees, all in advance.

The Big Ten school Purdue sports its Purdue University Global as their online reach to adult education and Southern New Hampshire University offers a wide variety of online classes and degrees.

Currently, there are two Central Florida schools also working with Disney Aspire; University of Central Florida and Valencia College.

After announcing that they saved much via the 2018 tax cuts, Disney was able to re-invest that money into their cast members.  The Disney Aspire program includes 100% payment for college degrees, high school diplomas, GEDs, vocational training, language lessons, and more.

Full-time and part-time cast members must have worked for at least 90 days in order to be eligible for this benefit.

Glad to see Disney offer free university training to its Cast Members?