Disney Easter Baskets

Disney World Easter Baskets – Custom Candy Creations

While some people would think that spending Christmas or Easter in a Disney Resort hotel would be a bit odd, for many it is just the type of change of pace that can make a holiday extra special.  Disney understands people are away from their homes and their normal traditions, so they have some interesting services that help make Disney World feel a little more like home.  One of those services is selling Easter Baskets.

Pre-Packaged Easter Baskets

Every Disney Resort hotel offers pre-packaged Easter baskets for sale.  The pre-made baskets are typically themed to usual Disney concepts, like Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, or pirates. And these packaged Easter baskets normally have a cost that is consistent with the price point of the resort where they are sold.  For example, the Easter baskets at Disney Deluxe Resort Hotels like Disney’s Contemporary Resort are generally more extravagant and expensive than the baskets sold at Disney Value Resort Hotels like Disney’s All Star Music.  The mid-point for these baskets is around $50.

Disney offers a wide variety of Easter Baskets.
Disney offers a wide variety of Easter Baskets.

The pirate Easter baskets contain everything a little swashbuckler needs – things like a sword, a gun, a hook, some chocolate coins that make perfect pirate booty, and a rice crispy treat.

The princess Easter baskets come with a pink bow and all the gifts fit for a princess – things like a coloring book, a cup, a lollipop, and hair clips.

The Mickey Mouse Easter basket comes with things like a plush Mickey Mouse, a cookie, a Pez dispenser with a Mickey Mouse head, and a bag of gummy candies.

For those who want to custom create their own basket, you purchase the basket and then add in whatever fun toys and candies you want.  The cost is just the sum of the contents of the basket, plus about $7 for the basket itself.

The hotel managers can arrange to store the baskets and deliver them on Easter morning, since it is difficult to hide a big basket in your hotel room.

Easter Gifts From Disney Floral

Disney Floral and Gifts (web site) has plenty of ideas, including an Easter Visit kit that includes a letter that that makes it appears as if the famous mice visited your hotel room.  The kit includes a letter, a giant pencil, confetti, and “foot step” mouse pads.  The price seems a tad high at $50, but it is an interesting and creative idea.

A slightly more expected but still untraditional gift, also from Disney Floral, includes a chocolate Easter bunny, jelly beans, stickers, and a Vinylmation in a black cinch bag that can be personalized with your child’s name.

Easter Fun Even Away From Home

If you find yourself fortunate enough to be at Disney World for Easter, but still want a bit of Easter tradition from back home, consider stopping by the gift shop in your Disney hotel or give Disney Floral and Gifts a call.  It will make Easter morning just a little bit more special.