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Disney World Could Become A Vaccine Distribution Site

Disneyland plans to become a site for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in California, and now sources report that Disney World has volunteered as a site for vaccine distribution in Central Florida.

Disney wants to be a good community partner, and would certainly benefit as more people are immunized and willing to visit its parks.

Ultracold In Florida

Importantly, Disney World has ultracold freezer capacity, which is important for safely storing the vaccines before they are distributed.  This issue of ‘cold chain logistics’ has been a challenge for some areas in getting the vaccines to patients, since not all areas have a great deal of ultracold storage capacity.  Some vaccines must store stored at extremely cold temperatures or they become unusable.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that working with Disney was a possibility.  “You literally could drop a bunch of vaccines at Disney, Orange County Schools, wherever.”

Disney Experience

Disney has already helped with some medical issues around the virus.  The Florida Division of Emergency Management operates a COVID-19 testing location on Disney World property, at the Maingate Complex in Kissimmee off State Road 192.   That location offers free COVID-19 testing for local residents.

Disney is also very experienced in implementing social distancing protocols and handling large crowds.  They also recently implemented virtual queue systems in use at Disney Springs.

Glad to hear Disney World may be a COVID-19 vaccine distribution site?