6 – Consider Staying On-Site

Quick take: Disney hotels may be a bit more expensive, but they come with some great perks and a touch of Disney magic.

Disney World has literally thousands of hotel rooms and dozens of properties that include many different themes and a wide range of price points, from mostly-affordable to out-of-this-world expensive.

Why would you want to stay on-site at a Disney World Resort instead of a nearby off-property hotel? There are plenty of reasons. You get a few perks by staying in a Disney resort that you can’t otherwise get:

Extra Magic Hours: Extra Magic Hours allow Disney Resort guests to come early or stay late granting exclusive access to the parks.  Since only Disney hotel guests are using the park’s attractions during these times, the lines are shorter, and you can see and do more in less time.

Free Parking: You get free parking at the parks, and you don’t have to pay the extra parking fee. Parking at a Disney theme park costs about $17 a day for a car, so this expense can add up quickly.

Advanced Reservations: You also get the ability to plan your FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance. This means you can make reservations for the experiences that are of most interest to you well in advance, securing your spot and ensuring you won’t have to wait in a long line.

Magical Express: You can use Disney’s Magical Express, a free bus service that will pick you up at Orlando International Airport and will take you to your Disney Resort.

Disney Magic: Finally, by staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, you get to stay immersed in “Disney magic” for your entire trip.  Every Disney resort provides high quality service and a fun feeling that only Disney can create.

Staying in a Disney Resort hotel provides plenty of perks that you are sure to enjoy.  While staying at a Disney Resort may seem more expensive, in the long run you can actually save money by not having to rent a car and pay for parking.  You also get free transportation around the Disney property.

Take away: You can make your Disney Resort Hotel reservations on the Disney web site, by calling 1-407-939-5277, or by working with your travel agent.

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